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Scout -> rouge -> shinobi ->?

what next this build for solo ?? or party ??
why use that ??
but this build not working please edit my build.

assasin.smoke and shinobi burst combo.anihilate nice aoe.

definitly assassin

rogue and assassin goes well imo

First of all, the Scout base job, according to Imc ™, its goal is (or was) to be a support character, while the Cleric branch was destined for healing. Currently, like the others, it has lost its “objective” and identity, so it can be used as PVP, PVE, etc.

Rougue, is a job that is more PVP oriented than PVE (I guess your intention is PVE SOLO mode), so eliminate it unless you are willing to become a “whale-gachamen” of diamond anvils and want to pose in the PVP, with the corresponding statue (it is no use for anything else).

On the other hand, Shinobi is a hidden class, so you will need to make the impossible quest (or get event / P2W / etc. The enablement ticket), which is BURST job, what does it do? The damage it does is incredible, but it is a complement, the icing on the cake, as usual / daily use is problematic. A lot of attention in the stats, because they depend on the jobs you choose.

The Build you intend to do, the closest and most useful would be the following … It has the problem of having few damage skills, which are all in this game in decline. Take all possible buffs to the maximum and maximize the few damage abilities, of course, many of them AoE.

In this case, you have another example of Build, now destined to get objects and stupid grindy thing. By changing the skills, you can do both self-attack and skill-based.

Finally, if you intend to make a character merely PVE and damage, I do not recommend the Scout branch, because other branches offer better possibilities for this (damage-type). Anyway, it doesn’t matter, they will soon alter all of them until you take the effect that your choices were useless.

it’s not solely for buffing…,

Refresh yourself.

Go assassin

re: @redwea
I apologize for that, I haven’t played ToS in a while … I’ve long since lost hope that its developers would do something for it.

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Many have changed so you don’t have to post something you don’t know (about the class selection and skill distribution).

Good luck quitting, may you have the strength to let this game go. Staying here will just make you more frustrated and that’s not good for yourself. If you plan to come back, come back with open heart and just enjoy! Goodbye!! Hope to see you in futuree!! Sayonaraaa.

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dam rite.
kinda feel all this kinda people are some rotten tomatoes critics to me.
meanwhile i dont even care those critics or suggest because sometimes they are jerk who just love negativity, dont even watch it or watch it like a silly guy who just found out fast forward feature.
i dont give a dam of their critics.i will just watch the movie.i ll just play the game if i like.leave it if i bored.
move on dude.find a better game.stop talkin s*** and make use of ticket feedback column.

You also need to chill, it’s not good for you too.

It’s normal for some toxic people that quit/left the game linger around cos they can’t move on. They naturally want to condemn what they used to love cos they can’t take it that other still enjoy it. Just like the resentment to their ex gf/bf or parent that abandoned them. Let’s pray they can move on and free their mind and soul so they can be a better person.

im chill
he was just unlucky to be there when im in forum and each time i saw him his post mostly end with him link to why ppl quit thread and make me like
“you are quit why still here?youre not even playing why still judge a lot?did you poop and still hope it smells change like perfume?”

we meet this kinda guy more than once in our life
those who cant let go of their ex and hoping god change them
while they can also just move on and forget the past

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dps only is so hard for pve ??
now my clss
what next class for pve only ?? i’m like shinobi LOL

what is the difference between bunshin lv 3 and 4??
isnt corsair better than rogue in term of DPS for 3rd class of assasin shino?
brutality 40% pierce/slash/missile/etc > knifethrow 30% piercing dmg

Each level increase clone damage, not in tooltip.

Of course corsair better, but that’s not the op question and this is an old thread anyway. Can fit either assasin or corsair for the rogue+shinobi class.

oh, you were right, OP want rogue-shino

Attributes do not apply to skills performed by clones.
So, even if i have lv 10 mijin with lv 100 enhance attribute, clone will just use lv 10 mijin with lv 0 attribute?

Yes, including all buff…not sure bout debuff.

how much % SFR increase per bunshin lv? i still debating wether to max katon or bunshin for PVE

50% lv 5 100% lv10. Katon potentially can do 1-3 hit but still hard to hit all 3 hit, slow in execution and sfr kinda meh.

by lv 10 100% does it mean every clone copy the mijin skill with 100% dmg (original) or +100% of the original dmg?


Go test and tell me what your damage result. Doesn’t matter if your skill at level 3.