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Scout - Main Hand Appearance Suggestion (NOTICE ME)

The sword looks really clunky to use on scouts!! Feel like dual wielding sub-weapons would suit scouts.
We have examples from “dual gun stance” from the bullet marker skill tree, if not from the scout class icon.

**At least allowing dagger weapon appearances to be applied to 1H swords, would be a nice alternative. A lot of the sword+dagger/gun options as weapon appearances don’t go well together in combination in terms of look anyway. Easier than introducing a new weapon type or changing the standard equipment layout.

Also can scouts get some class costumes like everybody else. Pls spread the love.


:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t2: Sir better use 2 daggers? or Trinket.

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The sword feels f****** wierd from the start.

But i would prefer a main gauche in the left hand :stuck_out_tongue:

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