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Schwarzer reiter or corsair with thaumaturge and enchanterr

Hello all,

I am current playing as SC/Thau/Enchanter but struggling with late game at maps above lvl 420, and also having trouble with CM and raids. May i know would changing SC to Corsair be any better?


yes, that is called flagbot build, a scout build focus solely on flag boosting party DPS, very helpful at CM lv 421+

Thanks, how should i distribute the stats then?

the important thing is max jolly roger and get this attributes

…eh? jolly roger has linker atribute too? i just realized this

Linker’s one isn’t linked to the skill for some reason. So you cant really learn and use it.

thanks, and im guessing i should put all stats on str? or do i need some con?

all STR is enough. con from random ichor