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Schroedingers Log-In: event-based log in time count runs slower than actual time?

Just some food for thought, since I already noticed this a few days back but wasn’t sure at that time:

The log-in timer for the 5th anniversary event doesn’t seem to count the log-in time correctly.

After 8 hours and 42 minutes of continued log-in, how come it only shows a total of 8 hours and 22 minutes (or 502 minutes as shown in the event window)?

As I mentioned before, on other days there were more minutes lost in total, so this error seems to accumulate with the time logged in. Just wanted to mention this since people later might miss some log-in points on the last days if they don’t know about this issue, as I don’t expect the iTOS staff to actual fix it in time (always hoping to be proven wrong here,though).

Until then, make sure you keep track of your log-in time, since the game surely doesn’t do it right an count you at the same time as logged in and not logged in (Schroedingers PC [Player character] :D)

Loading time between maps doesnt count toward total login time. Tested totally AFK in city/lemprasa pond for 1 hour and it add 60 minute correctly.
Besides, currently at lv 3,i already unlocked S1 rank secret shop TWICE, and atm stay at S2 rank to buy all of them. I feel perfectly fine renew secret shop at lv 3, doesnt want to reach lv 5 faster, it eliminate the chance to unlock lower rank secret shop.