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Scheduled Maintenance for September 22, 2020

Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding ‘Scheduled Maintenance for September 22, 2020’.

You can check the details at our official website from the following link.

Link :

Thank you as always for your continued support, enthusiasm and love for Tree of Savior.


IMC Staff


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No fix for skiaclipse staff ichor bugging invocation? :skull:

SajungaCM7 pls halp :eyes:

“Fixed the issue that BGM automatically stops after playing once”

That’s all I cared for. Thanks! :+1:

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  • Updates on [Season Server] Goddess’ Roulette
  • Goddess’ Roulette will be opened from September 22 to October 6, 2020.
  • Please note that we will re-announce the details about the second open of the Goddess’ Roulette later on."

"[UPDATE] - The reward list will be changed when the 2nd Goddess’ Roulette opens.

[UPDATE] - The number of spinning the Roulette will be reset after the 1st Goddess’ Roulette ends."

“- [UPDATE] Goddess’ Roulette NPC will appear from September 22, 2020, for 2 weeks.
: The 2nd
Goddess’ Roulette will be opened on October 27 for 2 weeks.

All reward list? Which Ranks or items?
Which changes? Why only post the first list?

Is better post both lists and players decide in which (1st or 2nd) roulette expend the coins…

Can we please get some clarification on this “two separate goddess roulette” events?

It mentions the rolls will be reset for the second event…does that mean if we spin all one hundred attempts during the first event, we can get more coins to participate in the second?

If not, how can players decide which event to gamble on without knowing what the “updated” rewards list for the second event is going to be? Is that list going to be posted so we can pick which one we think has a more desirable prize pool?

Sajunga … make it west sajunga please … at least easier to shout WEST! XDDD


  • The issue that additional damage of skill Aspergillum is not normally applied.

Fix it, please. :sad:

[UPDATE] - The coin acquisition limit will be increasedscheduled maintenance on October 13.

[UPDATE] - Please be aware that users who receive the Stamp tour reward before the scheduled maintenance on October 13 cannot receive Roulette coins from the Stamp tour anymore.

Why October 13? Why not in September 22 maint?
For example, I already have 1000 coins (40 days x 25 coins each day = 1000 coins, on September 21) and cannot earn more coins. And I save my rewards of completed missions of Stamp Tour…
21 days without receive coins because 1000/1000… (September 22 - October 12).
Lose 525 coins + 330 Stamp Tour Coins (33 Completed mission x10) = -855 coins
Between October 13 and November 9 (28 days x 25 coins) you only earn 700 coins and not receive more coins for Stamp Tour…
1700/2000 Imposible to earn 2000 coins…
Need at least 2 more weeks before October 13 (September 29 maint) to turn possible earn 2000 coins.

@GM_Francis @Staff_Alex @STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_William @Staff_Jin @Staff_Brand @STAFF_Bob @staff @system

Still wondering if there is any problem or what that even means… Do you experience something that is not right? Because I don’t rly but it still could be something that doesn’t affect me for some reason I guess…

“* The issue that additional damage of skill Aspergillum is not normally applied.”

That means and if you want test, the damage when Aspergillum active aren’t the same amount because “flutters”. The last update of fixes in the list is on August 18 ( and no updates or news about that issue…

I rly don’t see anything on my character. It could be something else in your build but as i say i don’t rly understand.

I don’t see any differences in my aspergillum damage or in other skills damage that seems off. Does it always happen? Could you show it in scr shots at least?

If there is rly something then there has to be a reason why I never experienced it.