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Sausis Room - book pages [INCOMPLETE]

I was wandering through Sausis Room to gather and read some books, but since some pages are full of text, the rest of the content remains incomplete and directly jumps to the next page. Therefore, next content.

Here’s an example:

Last page sentence:All he could do now was pursue t…
Next page:

Not sure if other books have this issue, but this is the one I’ve checked and analyzed so far with this issue. This is the info of the book and location.

Book: Rexipher and the Royal Mausoleum Vol. 1 and 2
Map: Sausis Room 10
Area: Expunged Archives Storage


EWW D: burn that book :nauseated_face:

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“All he could do now was pursue the fate Laima had set out, perpetuated in the actions of the man in front of him and his peers. Rexipher knew this was not Jonas’ vision. It had all been planned decades before by Laima Herself and King Zachariel”.

Also you can try to use another font (\TreeOfSavior\release\languageData\English\font)


Ohh will try this!! Thanks a lot for the info and the missing text, too!!

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Talking about font and sizes…


Kupole Money Allowance… what?_?


LOL wow…I tried changing the fonts and not many fonts are compatible with the game. Its too much content that can’t fit in one page.

Maybe there’s actually a way to access the quest story files in ToS folder? :thinking:

Sure, you may find the quest story files here \TreeOfSavior\release\languageData, folder English for English translation, files like QUEST_naninani.tsv may be opened with any text editor, I prefer Notepad++.

The problem is that English text is longer than Korean is. Program takes certain strings and just prints it. The text will be cut if it’s too long for the interface box.

Possible solutions are:

  1. Rewrite the text to make it shorter.

  2. Rearrange the text between file strings. It is dangerous because you’ll lose consistency with the original text.

Both of them are hard to do because you make deal with the text file and can’t immediately see the results in the game interface.