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Sandra's Magnifer (Blue)

How come its so difficult to get this on seasonal server?
It’s a real bottleneck preventing new players (me) from progressing endgame gear.

Kinda strange how the new event doesn’t have any at all…

Thoughts anyone?

Goddess grace is not on season server?

Goddess Grace is in new server, but how are you gonna expect for new and undergeared players to earn decent silver if they can’t even gear up properly.

It’s in the server but one of the challenges is taking on world bosses with mediocre gear. We have only 6 people that are decently geared in the seasonal server which makes the rest just fodder…

This is just an IMC thing,
you should get used to it
IMC often makes stupid and nonsensical decisions that no one ever asked for, people have complained before the server came up but they didn’t listen
There was never a reason to make a seasonal server like that, they could just have made some new-player events on the old server, so people can at least make use of the market and other peoples cheap hand-me downs instead of struggling on a new server with a broken economy
Everyone knew this was gonna happen, but IMC doesn’t care

Because its IMC, the longer you play ToS the more such things you will see

That is really disappointing to hear for a new player. I don’t know what else to say.

That’s why I don’t see a reason to play on the season server. The regular server is more populated and economy is running while the new server has to wait for the majority of people to reach endgame. The only drawback of regular server is that all the items you get now from events are timed, so unless you spend a lot on lottery your blue sandras will expire before you find a use for them.