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Saints Sancellum snake boss timer, same with Tel harsha

So im having issues attempting to kill the giant snake boss for scales, the timer runs out way before it honestly should, having a 30 min timer should be removed or making the boss a lot easier, i only managed to get it to about 60% health after a full 30 minutes of facetanking the damn thing, and iv attempted this multiable times…

It shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes if you have good enough equipment.

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get episode rewards + pamoka effect and some ichors… if u can get demon goddes ichors… u need more gear to do it.

Disclaimer: I didn’t watch the entire video, and I’m guessing you’re playing on the EU server based on your accent. These are some ways to improve your damage and gear score.

  1. Claim your Episode Rewards

    Open your Quest Log (F5) and accept all the episode rewards. You need to clear all the episode quests to receive the rewards, and the rewards are once per team.

  2. Get more attribute points

    Attributes and Arts provide significant boosts to your damage, and it should help a lot. I don’t know how often people shout for things like Uphill, DCP or party raid carries (ET, Velcoffer, Skiaclipse, Normal Moring) on EU, but they all give a fair chunk of attribute points per week. You can use your Gabija coins on attribute points too. Never buy attribute points with silver.

    Clearing the Guild Mission quest each week gives you a few attribute points as well. You need to interact with your guild tower and start whichever mission you want to rn contribution. The missions where you need to kill one boss are the fastest to complete. The bosses are easy to kill (minus Boruta and Giltine).

  3. Complete your set effect

    The set effect will boost your gear score and your damage. Visit the Alchemist Masters in any city to apply set effects using Pamoka. You can buy empty Pamoka using Gabija coins, and you can fill them from doing content that rewards EXP. Each piece of gear requires 6 Pamoka if it doesn’t have a set effect, and 2 Pamoka if it has one. Only use it on your goddess gear. Pick Sauk or Balinta for more damage.

  4. Complete the Assister Quest

    Assisters give some benefits to your own damage, but clearing Stage 50 of the Assister Dungeon rewards you with somewhere around 31k attribute points each week. Assister rarity, from lowest to highest, is Grey → Blue → Orange/Red → Yellow. You can use this guide for some information: -TOSkemon - Assister Tips (updated day 1, month 2, year 2021)

  5. Get Enchants on your gear

    Enchants will improve your stats and gear score. Higher values will provide more gear score. Good stats to have are:

    • Physical/Magic damage taken reduced (caps at 25%)
    • Critical Rate (caps at 25%)
    • Critical Damage (caps at 15%)
    • Main Weapon Attack (caps at 15%)
    • Movement speed increase (caps at 3)
    • Boss Damage (caps at 15%)
    • Accuracy and Block Penetration (situational, caps at 25%)

    You can get Goddess Enchant Jewels from the Weekly Boss Raid’s Total Damage Reward, as well as events.

  6. Add gems to your weapons

    You should visit the Gem Merchant NPC once a day for a free reward. You’ll get a random reward from the list:

    • 1 coloured gem box that you can use to select the gem you want(blue for magic DPS, red for physical DPS),
    • 1 gem abrasive of a random level(used to level coloured gems), or
    • 1 random skill gem (super rare).

    If you require more gem abrasives, you can do Uphill, or buy them using Mercenary Badges. Coloured gems can reach level 10, but staying at level 8 for now is fine. You will need to roast your coloured gems before you can use them in Goddess gear. Keep in mind that removing a coloured gem will decrease the level of that gem by 1 if you wish to upgrade or replace them.

    Note: Skill gems can be slotted into armours. They provide an extra level for that skill, but at this point it shouldn’t be your focus. Removing a skill gem will destroy the gem if there is not gem extraction event going on. Today’s patch included a gem extraction event from January 11 to January 25

  1. Use the Engraving System

    I don’t know how your engravings are right now, but for magic DPS, the beginner-friendly setup is to aim for INT/CON/CRIT/OFF-SET (medium or leather). Getting 3 of the 4 stats is fine. You can use Mysterious Magnifiers and Artisan Magnifiers until you have 4 lines of stats. Use Sandra’s Magnifiers to roll for the stats you need, and Sandra’s Detailed Magnifiers to change the value of the stats. You can hold the Left Alt button to view the maximum value for each stat.

    When you’re satisfied with your stats you can save the engravings in presets using Engrave Stones. Each stone adds a 5% chance to save the stat, up to a maximum of 100%.

    There is a method to duplicate engravings, which requires Equipment Type Change Tomes (4 for armour, 2 for weapons) and Engrave Stones (60 for armour, 20 for weapons). You use the magnifiers on only one armor piece and one weapon (for example, your trinket and your top). When you’re satisfied with the stats and values you’ve rolled on the piece, you use the Equipment Type Change Tome and turn that piece into something else (ex, your top becomes a bottom, and your trinket becomes your main-hand weapon). Engrave the stats from that modified piece, and repeat until each piece has the same engraving. Once all the engravings are saved, you can revert the piece back to it’s original gear. You do not need to save the engraving of the original piece if you have no intention of changing it.

    The balance patch provides us with Equipment Type Change Tomes during the event period (January 11 - February 3), refer to the Event portion of the patch notes linked below

  2. Use the Dual Weapon System

    The introduction of the Dual Weapon System allows you to have two sets of weapons if you use Goddess-tier gear in the first slot. To add weapons to the the second weapon slot, press the button labeled ‘2’ under your currently equipped weapons.

    The game will average the attack values from both sets of weapons, so keep the enhancements on the weapons close to each other. The benefit for using the second set of weapons is that it allows you to use more engravings and Vaivora Visions. For your build, you would use the Onmyoji Vaivora, Red Tiger Claw and three Coordination Vaivora.

    The following is some information regarding the raid:

    Watch this video to learn more about the mechanics for that fight: [ GUIDE ] New Goddess Raid - Saint's Sacellum|Boss Patterns & Mechanics|Tree of Savior - YouTube
    There are differences between the raid in the video (Party mode) and what you are attempting (Solo, eventually leading into Auto Match)

    • Tyronas drops after the boss reaches 49% HP remaining. The boss will be invulnerable during this period, and phase 2 starts. Your buffs do not fall off, and you do not take damage at the beginning of phase 2.
    • You do not need to destroy mirrors (for auto match). For solo, if you’re struggling to do damage, you can break the mirrors using the instructions in the video. Keep in mind that the mirrors have 2 HP, and each thrust from the boss deals 1 damage.
    • If you do not want to break mirrors, OR you want to prevent the boss from dashing, use teleport when the boss is charging her thrust. Having the teleport Arts helps because it returns you to your initial spot, meaning the boss moves less.

Check out the event page for details regarding the current event shop. It has some of the items I’ve mentioned : Tree of Savior. Read over the patch notes here: Tree of Savior

I hope this helps.


All the long suggestions, but miss the most important one.

Do the mirrors.

Step on those 4 mirrors and you will temporary remove the scale armor stack from the boss that reduces damage taken by a bunch.

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Looking at your video, your character has 33k MATK, which explains why you can’t kill it fast enough. My worst alt attempting the raid solo has 48-49k MATK. If that’s your main character, you should already have a fully upgraded Goddess set from claiming the EP12 and EP 13 rewards – the Growth set is only meant for leveling up alts to 460. If that’s an alt, you should do the raid with your main, spare the scales and craft a Goddess set for your alt, then and only then use your alt to farm more scales for the enchantment process.

NOT doing the raid with your Alchemist… that’s just a crafting class that does absolutely no damage. I don’t even see what other class you use (maybe there’s a Taoist skill or two on your quickslot bar but it’s hard to tell) apart from Onmyoji because you only use Tiger skill and… magic missile :confused:.

First thing first: build a proper DPS and make it your main; do the raid with that char. Then upgrade your Alchemist.

(oh yeah one final bit of advise: what the hell are you doing with a Kartas set on your casting wizard? this set is for summoners… you should equip at least an Overload set to improve your damage by a LOT)

Get Leather Armor, plate sucks.
Alchemist is trash outside towns.

I just reskilled my Warlock-Bokor-FF pretty much the same as before just shuffling around some skills, 49k MATK, your average alt. I’m using equipment from EP 12-2 and 13-1 rewards.Took me one minute 40 seconds to kill the dude in solo mode, compared to 3 minutes or so before this week’s patch, and I’m definitely not the best player on the server. If you don’t manage to kill her in 30 minutes you’re doing something REALLY wrong…

Today I tried with fresh 460 character (Chaplain-PD-Krivis) and the following equipment (was using the Growth stuff till then):

  • vasilisa 2h mace x2 t6 zero enhance + galimive fixed ichors
  • vasilisa trinket x2 one t6 one t10 (t10 stuff came from boxes from previous fishing event) zero enhance + galimive fixed ichors
  • vasilisa leather armor x4 t10 zero enhance + zemyna saint oath fixed ichors
  • luciferie prideti accessories, totally bare (no enhance, trans…)
  • 8x int/con/spr or dex random ichors and 4th totally random line
  • ark swift level 5
  • Boruta seal for cleric level 1

This is very basic setup for level 460 character, gear score 468, only 68% AAR, 37k MATK upped to 39k with weapon maintenance buff. I tried Vasilisa solo raid to see if it could be possible… and I cleared it in less than 6 minutes, and I cannot stress enough how absurd it is to fight this boss in mouse mode with AA build. Since low level enhance is really fast and provides improvement really quickly, this should only get better and better. So if you’re still struggling with the boss it’s definitely not a problem with boss difficulty or timer, feel free to ask for help in game and we’ll review your equipment and skill build to make you improve.