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Sage players help


Wondering what all the sage players are playing? I’m looking for a class that can sell stuff while I’m at work and I like sage because I can tele my friends around for free which comes in handy when you want a quick repair or such. Right now I’m building kino > sage > ? Leaning towards chrono for utility or cryo for boss damage with kino.

Kino heavy gravity supplies the slow for sage dmg skills +50% as well as kino has 2 decent AoEs in heavy gravity and gravity pole while magnetic force is a decent group tool (so is gravity pillar) for sage skills. If I choose cryo as my last option then phychic pressure with wall will supply good boss burst as well as some survivability from cryo CC skills.

Any wiz players in general have any thoughts on different options or tricks for me? I was also playing around with the idea of alchemist last for sp pot skill but honestly I think I’m just romanticizing alchemist a bit too much, it probably wouldn’t work well.


Have you actually tested Heavy Gravity with Sage skills? I did a short test during the reset and I was letdown because it didn’t count for the bonus, but maybe I’m mistaken, maybe I did something wrong.

Chronomancer’s Slow actually worked, even though the attribute doesn’t seem to follow the skill level (meaning lv1 and lv15 Slow had no difference on monsters movespeed for the attribute), both the active skill and the attribute (Enchant Slow) counted for the bonus damage in Sage’s skills so yeah, I think that it could be recommended.

I believe that the options you presented are fine, it depends on what role you want for that character.

I’d like to ask if anyone came up with something for Hole of Darkness usage, I feel like it would actually hurt my party DPS in CMs rather than help due to the 3 seconds wait. Maybe comboing it with Yin Yang Harmony attribute since it has Dark element but I would only go that route if I were already planning to have Onmyoji on that build.


Chronomancer’s slow work for Sage skills. However, the AOE of slow is pretty small and more often you are better off using another stronger skill from another class rather than de buffing the enemies with slow and using a Sage skill.

Sage in general is not good enough of a support like Chronomancer’s nor a good enough DPS like Pyromancer or Taoist. Hence, in end game content it probably won’t make much of an impact and will need to depend on the other 2 classes to make up for the flaws Sage have.

Hence, what you would want as your other 2 classes are strong classes that can complement well with each other that can make up for the lack of Sage’s offensive or supportive power.

For support, you can take Chronomancer because it is the stronger support in the wizard tree now. Then, the last class could be a Pyromancer for AOE damage or Taoist for single target DPS.

You could also take 2 DPS classes that goes well together. I personally run Pyromancer - Psychokino - Sage as a sub. With this, I can comfortable solo up to challenge mode 5 with around 8.8k matk because Pyro + Kino is strong enough together. Sage thus just act as a filler when I feel the need to use them.

Some good DPS duo pairings are

  • Pyromancer + Psychokino
  • Pyromancer + Elementalist
  • Pyromancer + Taoist
  • Psychokino + Onmyoji

Other pairings like Cryomancer + Psychokino are good for crowd control as well.



Someone on the TOS Reddit told me about gravity slow working but I haven’t tested it myself yet.


If I’m combining 2 harder hitters would you recommend pyro > kino or onmy > kino or cryo > kino because I have 2 wizards around the same level, one is onmy and one is kino so I can pick whatever for the second choice and sage last because they get a few lvl 300 or 350 attributes anyways


Damage wise PyroKino and OnmyoKino is stronger than CryoKino. Cryokino is more for crowd control and burst damage from Ice Wall + Psychic Pressure (which has high cooldown)

Both choices are equally good to me. PyroKino has better damage in my opinion on monsters while Onmyoji has better AOE. For reference, a combo of Fire Pillar + Raise can more easily take out a bjnch of mobs than a combination of 2 or maybe 3 Onmyoji skills. Onmyoji however has very good if not the best AOE in the game Maybe I can list the pros and cons so you can decide for yourself.

PyroKino has many good combos when fighting monsters which is very useful in challenge modes.

  • Fireball + Psychic Pressure combo allows Psychic Pressure to fire off sparks from Fireball and mobs can get the damage from both skills. AOE is not that big and you have to stay in 1 spot to channel the skill. Use Magnetic Force before this to gather a bunch of mobs to burst them down with this combo.
  • Fire Pillar + Raise allows Fire Pillar to do more hits. I tried it myself and I gotten around 10 extra hits. Fire Pillar is also a VERY GOOD crowd control skill
  • Heavy Gravity + Flame Ground allow flying mobs to be hit by Flame Ground. Both skill has around the same AOE and CD which complements well.
  • Prominence and Hell Breath are good damage skills. Hell Breath especially is a strong channeling spell and you can change the direction of the skill
  • Overall I can comfortably solo Challenge Mode 5 with this. I run a Pyromancer-Psychokino-Sage on my sub mainly for portal, but have strong enough skills to do fairly well in general PVE content.

OnmyojiKino has a lot of short CD skills that are moderately strong, with VERY GOOD AOE.

  • The main synergy between these 2 classes is Fire Fox Shikigami boosts Gravity Pole to make it very strong. It also holds mobs in place. One flaw is unlike Hell Breath you cannot rotate the skill when channeling
  • 3 of Onmyoji skills have very short CDand hit a very wide range. Howling White Tiger literally hits the entire map. Heavy Gravity also allows Toyou to hit flying mobs easier.
  • Greenwood Shikigami has slight crowd control and gather mobs together although it does not do a lot of damage.
  • Yin Yang Harmony is another very big AOE skill that hits a lot of targets. It is also the strongest skill in Onmyoji but it has a high cooldown.


Well now I got to make both lol. I have a kino and onmy right now around lvl 70ish so I’ll just take pyro on kino and see if I like it. If I want more AOE then I’ll change over to my onmy toon