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[Safe place for Discussion] Regarding GTW and Memes

Good afternoon folks, I don’t care if you are an alt or use your own account to have opinion in this discussion.
Since some people complaining about a lot of memes and comments in iTOS Weekly Round-up.

Why not we create a new thread? Feel free to be assertive here.




Death to FMC!! oh wait…

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Will anyone be here?

I don’t know. But I hope so

Does anybody here talk in the language of stupid?

You there, you talk stupid?

How bout you?

Guy in the red shirt?

Please for the love of sanity somebody help Kok understand to post his memes here and not the round-up.

^ this phrase itself is already impossible - dude has a mentality of an cringey selfcentered 12yr old.
No wonder his pretend-friends calling him autistic behind his back

@kokwhynoob2021 guy here someone already made thread for u. feel free to spam spam spam

casts a spell that reroutes shitposts to this thread


why this dude looking for Burgers everyday every night?
The dude already inactive like many months ago :thinking: