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【Sadhu】Reworks Overview/Review

td:lr worst than the previous sadhu. The stacking system is kinda like a skill-gate/obstacle to prevent your character to spam skills. planner isn’t up-to-date right now so I’ll drop in a few possible skills build if you ever plan to play Sadhu.

Standard Sadhu Skill Build (Current Patch):

[Sadhu-Druid-Crusader] (Before/After Spirit Strike buffs)

[Exo-Miko-Sadhu] - Wyldrin’s Style:

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I hated the rwrk, the Soul is soooooo dumb, the stack mechanis is kinda boring, but OK when you catch with the time, remember me Monk from RO (Zen/Prana).

My problem is that the class still is and away will be a hard hiting class, leaving such small spaces for you to raise your build, whats the point to cause 6 Hit-cap damage with Possession when a FF can cause 100 with Kurdaitcha? I love the class, still gonna use, addapting myself, but thats my main problem. Just like Crusader, hard hitting and pretty skills.

The theme is amazing tho.

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