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Sadhu Rework + Vaivora Review/Overview


  • The current Sadhu doesn’t have a lot of classes synergies (Even in the magic category)
  • Long cooldown skills (30 seconds for Possession/Vashita and 40 ish for Prakriti)
  • Required/Mandatory weapon switch-trick to make it viable (Unless you don’t mind using Spirit Strikes to stack up the souls).
  • Sadhu is basically like Druid/Zealot/Krivis as side/sub dps, while Exorcist/Crusader remain as core dps.

Sadhu is one of the unique classes in Tree of Savior, but the rework completely takes away the unique concepts and combos playstyle. The class itself was fine even before the rework because it offers so many synergies with other classes like Exorcist’s Gregorate, and Ataka set the effect to proc with Out of Body. Even so, Sadhu would still be a core DPS class because it provides extra AoE and Single Target DPS while waiting for other skills on cooldown.


Sadhu is quite fine before the rework. A bit clunky but still a good secondary/filler class.
But now, no one touches sadhu. They made it worse. Its like IMC attempts to make it a centerpiece of a build but its still lacking and hard to manage to be a main class. Even with vaivora, the stacking mechanic is a hassle.
You can’t even make it a secondary/filler class now since you need to be invested with vaivora and another weapon for swapping just to make it manageable. Even magic chaplain is now more appealing than sadhu.

Soooo the dying class is now officially dead. RIP.

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