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Sadhu OoB AA problem

Anyone else having this issue that you can’t attack anything with AA in OoB?

I hit them but no damage. It’s a bit like before you disconnect…


Another bug, if you die in OoB during Feud you can’t move until you use the skill again.

the AA seems bugged since it doesn’t use the normal OOB attack animation.

i have same problem, but i was testing basic damage , and i found that for me bug is when i equip isbikimas necklace if i unequip i can do basic damage with OOB ,add to this bug still if i unequip while OOB is active, i mean :
if i active OOB without isbikimas necklace and while is active i equip it bug dont appear
if i active OOB without isbikimas necklace and while is active i equip other weapon damge is refresh and bug dont appear(for reference)
if i active OOB with isbikimas neckle bug appear and while is active i unequip it bug still
i dont know if are there others items that generate bug but for this case isbikimas necklace cause bug

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This is something complicated with equipments… I kinda thought it is about skins because i equipped my teddy and moring skinned stuff at the same time and it was bugged but with different weapons or shilds it worked…even when one of them were equipped…

then I saw it works with my velcoffer hammer well…then next day I went with it somewhere and it didnt… XD

i didn’t know even accessories would affect it tho…

Do you have any addons btw? Because in my ticket they said I should try remove my addons but I don’t have time for that nowdays so… xD

tbh I think that is a change that came with sadhu changes…I think there is no Sadhu AA anymore that part is not a bug… it should be just normal AA now in spirit body…