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Sadhu-Druid-Crusader Burst Combo Meta Build

Video Description :
:white_check_mark: Overall Build Technical/Summary :white_check_mark:
➤ The overall build heavily focus on Ataka set to deal additional burst DPS
➤ Possession should be used first to reset Sadhu’s Out of Body skill. (This is important to increased Sadhu DPS).
➤ Make sure to use the follow buffs such as Chant, Prana, and Sterea Trofh to increased magic damage, minimum critical chance, and critical damage to boost your character overall DPS output.
➤ Turn on Grass ARTS to avoid damage-over-time before setting burst DPS.
➤ Any additional skill points from level 445-450 should be invest into Crusader’s Retaliation, this will offers additional bursting DPS tool for the build.
➤ Avoid any debuff cards that offers damage-over-time
✦ Sadhu-Druid-Crusader Skills Build:
✦ Gears (at the end): 6:16 timestamp

Video Link :

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