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Sad popo -- bring back the game we love

  • No Popo shop this week
  • Channel mismatch bug crippling the game not getting fixed
  • More bugs introduced with each patch (this time, blue/yellow gems socketed in top/bottom reducing defense instead of adding it – ok it’s just a display glitch, the defense is not actually reduced, but it’s confusing)
  • Complaint post removed without a warning

Before: :satisfaction:
Now: :tired:


Before: :tired:
Now :tired:
In the future: :tired:


The only time this game was :satisfaction: was when it was announced to right before ‘release’.

Suddenly, the founders packs were announced. And everyone was :tired:

Just me or Repair Shops started lagging almost as bad as TP shops now if you have many items in your inventory. You can clear the inventory by searching for nothing but…:tired:

At this point, the only things i can rescue from this game are the incredible Soundtrack, the hot artwork and the forum threads full of popos and popo accesories :sad::satisfaction::hey::heeey::distinguished::haha::tired:

Damn IMC… ToS had the potential to be big… u let all die for not anticipating the changes in the programming leaving u with constant bugs and vulnerable to bug abusers, lame p2w elements with the worst enhacing system ever and the least competitive PvP systems i’ve ever seen (specially when there’s no competition beside the same hardcore whales fighting each other due to their obscene p2w equipment)

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as long as there are popos, it’s hard for me to be upset for more than a day :satisfaction:

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