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Saalus Convent Dont give Atribute

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After Maintance, Saalus Convent stop giving Atribute points as rewards, i didnt saw this on any patch note maybe its a bug ?

Even Solimiki Raid didnt give 1k Attribute points, Some Bug arise copy pasting new servers…
As usual, After Patch some bug always appear…

Hi @ar.montero85,

Kindly submit a ticket to the Tree of Savior support team to further assist you regarding the matter.

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god. good thing i just did all my weekly raids before maintance for this reason…

Class point also can’t get. How we got ■■■■ patch from nothing changes this week :expressionless:

How the hell did they break this in such a minor patch…

I got the extra attribute tickets from the daily mercenary missions though. Seems like only instanced content is bugged?

ET uphill skia… everythingis bugged :expressionless:

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You still get AP from Irredian bosses, but not from other content (instances). Wondering what in the patch broke this… Maybe they were tied to the coin event?

Here we gooooo, 1 week without AP. IMC is saving for new servers :satisfaction:

but ppl doing velco and ET only for atri points/arts tomes…

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AP in Saalus is back, the problem only occured for Tuesday.

yeah, I noticed that :haha:

Horror Savior Story: 5k lost, win … 700



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I did Saalus with 4 chars (2000), got 300 back. No idea how they counted that… :tired: