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Saalus Auto Matching

Why i cant enter saalus with auto matching? Am i doing something wrong? The other players entered when it turned 6 players queuing

It seems to create 2 queues sometimes. 4 in the 1st queue and 1 in the 2nd one. Re-queueing helps, but after many attempts.

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saluus automatching system groups ppl based on their lvls, ur lvl is probably too low compared to the others who are currently matching.
U shld just create a party and shout for ppl to do saluus with u together, tat’ll be much faster than waiting for ppl similar to ur lvl to queue saluus (which is extremely rare)

Oh, Saalus. Re-queueing helped me with dungeons, but it seems (almost) useless for Saalus.

almost no one uses automatching, for saalus you look for party shouts, join then people just enter

The level range is wide from 360 (where most of ppl wearing funded vel and lazy to lvling) to 420 now.
So i recommend you to create your own party to enter saalus.
Me myself have 4 360 too and it take forever to match queue.

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