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[SA Silute] Savinose Equipments?

Hey everyone, not fluent but I’ll try my best :smiley:
I’m a new player (2weeks) and still trying to build my equipments.
My guildmates told me that there were a lot of events that people were able to get a full savinose set, and I lost them all :smiley:

They also said that its very unlikely they coming back in the future, because it’s a veteran server and people were pissed cause those equipments were useless to them, since they got varna.
What y’all think? Should I expect something? Its VERY boring and hard only being able to buy finished equipments that other players dont want anymore ://

Thank you!

If you’re new, just do the quests until episode 12 and get the free Kedorian 400 stuff. At this point, find a party to run Velcoffer raid (I still see a lot of parties for it) and farm a full Velcoffer set for your character. Velcoffer is 10% less powerful compared to Varna, but you can ichor the new level 430 Dysnai stuff in it, which makes it on par with Savinose (or maybe even better). With that set at your disposition, you’ll be fine for the endgame.

better play with new steam account in New Growth Support Server if you want free Savinose Gears and other rare items…Also in May u can varna gears from Goddess Wheel event during server merge
yea i dont think there will be another savinose event for old servers too soon because it was just in the Blossom TP pack till this month…
Opnion: Play in New Growth Support Server or it will take many months to farm same gear in old server.

clearing the main quests [I believe it was episode 11 or 12 mainquest reward, iTOS has rewards for up to episode 10 right now] will give you at some point in the future a savinose set if I remember correctly, you’ll just have to wait one or two more months (crossed fingers here) till the patch hits.

If you’re new, playing on the new servers would be probably better because of the reasons mentioned here before my post.