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[SA] Silute Relocation Notice – April 19-20, 2017

Why did you start playing there? lol

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Because was impossible to play on Silute for months.

lol there’s no difference of playing in Silute and NA.

Both 250ms

Somebody pinch me, is that a dream coming true?

Thank you IMC <3


Pra quem quiser aproveitar uma experiência maior. Tem o projeto de tradução para o Português também!

Baixem Aqui


Quero contribuir, como faz?

We have been asking for so long. And IMC made it x.x I’M SO HAPPY!! Not only for the nice ping we might have but FOR THE NICE WORK IMC IS DOING THESE LAST MONTHS.


Keep up the good work :smiley:

The server will most likely be down for the whole day of april 19st for the relocation. Just letting you all know of the possibility.


Won’t this increase queue times since Silute will no longer queue with Klaipeda?

Or is there a system to queue up regions in case queue times get too long?

Silute never got queued with klaipeda/other svs, if I remember well.

Silute never cross-queued with Klaipeda.

Where are u from? Im from Chile and im hoping some noticeable improvement of my ping, maybe will be the same as you said :frowning:

EDIT: I just did the ping test and my ping to Brasil is actually higher than the ping to dallas. gg tos


FINALLY!!! IMC IS LOVE!!! <33333


lol really? I’m from Brazil and I live in Sao Paulo. I think that’s why my ping is 16ms from here.

I hope your ping gets better once tests get started.

I feel christmas came way too soon, and i love it

usually it’s due to bad routing between chile and brazil (andes n shit) hopefully a vpn can solve your problem

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Because brazilians are brazilians.
Enough said.

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O povo vai ficar bem assim :joy:

AGORA: Nossaaa IMC!!! Obrigado por isso!!! Finalmente!!! IMC amo vocês, sempre pensando nos players.

DEPOIS: Não consigo jogar!!! Servidor desconectando, ch bugando. Preso na tela de Loading. IMC inútil não faz nada direito. Volta com o servidor onde estava, quero jogarrr!!! Quitando.

Só espera pra ver ashuashuashu.