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[SA - SILUTE] Guild Territory Wars Feedback + Change time in Silute

  • Team Name: CCDC

  • Character Name: King

  • Class Build: Templar

  • CPU: i5

  • RAM: 8gb

  • Graphics Card:

  • OS: Windows 10

  • Internet Connection Speed: Cable

  • Country/State: Brazil

In the GVG question this is undoubtedly the best ever created in Tree Of Savior.
But it still suffers from a serious problem that is optimization.
Yes, it is infinitely better than before, but the Silute server has gone through freezes and desync which harms the GTW a lot.


Some players cant see GTW UI
GTW zones stopped working and no one can deal damage to players
Raise + Reversi = perma flying character
Heavy gravitty + reversi = make a character cant walk or spell skills
Weapons disappear from the inventory
Share buff shares buffs without effect (for example: if haste is shared with share buff, the buff appears in the buff bar but there is no increase in movement speed, in other words it is a “dead buff,” the same happens with ein sof since it does not increase your max hp, and so on with any buff that is shareable via share buff), this problem is rare but happens
Character becoming invisible

Pontual problem:

The GTW starts at the odd time of 09:40 p.m server time. (10:40p.m brazilian time)
Besides being a strange schedule is a bit late, because the GTW will be on Sundays and this schedule is too late for those who study or work on Monday.
Please change this to 08:00 p.m server time (09:00p.m brazilian time) . or 08:30 p.m max server time (09:30p.m brazilian time) . :slight_smile:

As a last suggestion: Make the GTW last 2 hours instead of one.


Normal Heavy Gravity does that, only by standing in the effect area of the skill your character become incapable of casting or moving.

Reversi+Heavy Gravity with allies inside makes them stay with PERMA slow debuff just like Reversi+Raise.

Agree about the schedule, most people can’t stay awake till this late nite as most of them need to wake up early to work or study, and I can’t understand why the time ins’t in even hours instead of :40mins.
They changed the schedule for SEA server so maybe @STAFF_Amy could look if they can do this in our server too.

I don’t think the current format is good for 2hour long gvg duration, maybe if they add more goals or points gathering that can be exchanged for something , otherwise people will just wait for the last 30mins~1hour to attack so they spend less money on consumables.

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Yeah, but 1h per week is too little

@STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_Amy @STAFF_Letitia @STAFF_Ines @STAFF_Ethan

please, change time schedule for SA server, we need this at 19h or 20h server time, 20:40 is strange and a bit late.

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Change GTW time plix plox plux plux

Day 6:

It was the worst day, 2 of the 3 maps crashed and never came back! The problem that the GTW maps stop working after the crash is very bad.

Please change to maximum 08:00 p.m server time, 09:40 p.m it’s too late

Please, change the time to 8:00 pm

Another BUG, reduce HP by a lot (sometimes just 1 max HP) (get killed by bloodletting lol)

@Staff @STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_Letitia @STAFF_Amy @STAFF_Ines @STAFF_Ethan

don’t change the time, just rearrange the event grid on the server with the world boss

this dosent make any sense.

Please change this to 08:00 p.m server time (09:00p.m brazilian time) . or 08:30 p.m max server time (09:30p.m brazilian time) people wake up to school/work 6:00 a.m