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[SA Silute] Gemstone Feud LANG_ERROR

Date and Time: April 06, 2019, 08:35pm server time

Server Name: SA Silute

Team Name: Wellan

Character Name: Roshio

Bug Description :
At the beginning of the second round of Gemstone Feud, as soon as it started, the lag started and members of the opposite team started to respawn inside my team’s area. Then this LANG_ERROR showed up and disconnected my character. I tried several times logging in and I either get a ‘channel is full’ message (despite channel being sometimes 3/100 - at least displayed like this) or manage to get in, just to get the LANG_ERROR again and send out to the character screen.

Steps to reproduce the issue (more like how it happened):

  1. Access Gemstone
  2. Be assigned on a team
  3. Wait for countdown
  4. Lag starts and opposing team members respawn inside our team’s area
  5. Wait for the LANG_ERROR message
  6. Disconnected

Screenshots / Video:

Message on chat window

Opposing players respawing

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exact same issue in Fedimian