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[sa]Silute - Comentários de GTW by Bevo

Team Name: Bevoule

Character Name: MaryBethy

Class Build: Wizzard3 Elementalist3 Warlock3

CPU: i5 4690


Graphics Card: 2 GB

OS: Window 10

Internet Connection Speed: 100 Mbps

Country/State: Brazil

Server: Silute


Good evening!

GTW feedback:

First I will write the positives:
1 - War brings the need to have all classes to have a success in the result, making work strategy and consequently increasing rivalry in GVG. I loved the Mechanism.
2- I found the way of conquest of the Territory very innovative and simple, the score rising when standing near the tower is sensational!
3- The schedule is great, does not compromise much of the players time and is enough to have fun guaranteed.

According to the negatives:
1 - Unfortunately independent of the CPU and Speed of connection with the Internet the territory gets with much LAG and Freeze, simply does not give of to play. Confessor that close to the other tests that have occurred … is much better, but improvement is still imperative at this point.

2 - There is a lack of dynamism in the defense for example, maybe if there was some mechanism to summon some Boss to help the defense near the tower (for example). Traps and etc. (could put some item that sega conquered in some event “Raid” done by the own Guild), thus would move more the clan.
Third, suggestions:

1- Perhaps if they diminished in percentage all the damages would increase much the competitiveness, making GVG last longer and avoiding the instantaneous deaths.

2- Increase the amount of Territories to be conquered. I found that 3 is too few clans, Paradise for example has enough to guarantee 2 easy territories, this harms the smaller clans and increase competitiveness.

3- I understand it is just a GTW test every day, I believe that the times at least at Silute should be around 20:00 to 21:00 or 21:00 to 22:00 at Brasilia time, two times in the week would be perfect!

4- Rewards … Exclusive Clothing to demonstrate Guild supremacy, all that I can help players get stronger for the coming wars, such as Blessed Shards, Abrasive Gems, Diamond anvril, as well as unique and unique items. I do not have a lot of creativity but maybe opening a specific search with the players to know what items they would like to win, sporadically changing forever to have something different.
obviously differentiating the items according to the acquired territory.

OBS: I used google translator, probably have some misinterpretation in the text.
I’m willing to try to explain better if you have any questions.