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[SA - SILUTE] Bug Reversi skill

  • Team Name: Rani
  • Character Name: RiverSong
  • Class Build: Plague doctor

Bug related to skill “reversi” that is bugging some skills like: heavy gravity, storm dust, raise, etc.
This bug also happens in TBL and gemstone.
The moment I used a cure it gives the impression that it ends because I stopped recording, but it does not end.
Today I had to relog five times, it is impossible to play so mainly when some guilds abuse that.
This has to be fixed urgently, because anyone can use skill scroll.


@Staff Can’t have thauma on pvp right now (attention to the Debuff Tab)

  1. Someone use Storm Dust, Heavy Gravity or Raise
  2. Enemy Thauma C2 uses Reversi
  3. This happens to the Thaumaturge C2 and the entire Team.

Need to optimize this asap for GvG.

Some Guild Territory Wars bug’s:

Some players cant see Guild Territory Wars UI
Guild Territory Wars zones stopped working (sometimes just for some people) and no one can deal damage to players with that bug
Raise + Reversi = perma flying character
Heavy gravitty + reversi = make a character cant walk or spell skills
Sorm Gust + Reversi = Infinity damage

(In Fact, any skill + Reversi = BUG)

Weapons disappear from the inventory
Some times Share buff (skill for templar) shares buffs without effect
Share Buffs + Ein sof (with new C3 atribute) = Everyone with 1 HP
Character becoming invisible

Hello @Nyuha

Thank you for your report. We are aware of the issue and are looking into it.


Please fix that! :3