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[SA] Silute - Ark's GTW Feedback

  • Team Name: Arkantos

  • Character Name: Blue

  • Class Build: Wiz2>Kino3>Thauma2>Sage2

  • CPU: QuadCore Intel Core i7-6700, 3700 MHz

  • RAM: 16GB

  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB (6 GB)

  • OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro

  • Internet Connection Speed: 10mb

  • Country/State: Brazil/North

  • Comments

First of all I would like to say that has been a very long week of testing with all the problems/bugs and lags/desyncs happening and no one from staff bothered to appear on the testing fields to see/ask how it was going, unlike previous tests, I know that we are supposed to give our feedback here but it would be nice to see someone watching closer to see and understand whats hapenning. Needs some improvement on that area.

I would like to start with the problems:

    The game couldn’t handle more than 20 people on screen. While graphical lag improved a lot the latency problem is now unbearable (not a connection problem).
    People getting insane pings like 5.000~10.000 MS, a lot of things going on screen and the server not processing/handling.
    Skills taking from 3 to 5s to cast, animation going out but skill not being cast nor leaving CD, skills going on CD but effect didn’t apply.
    I mean, just watch this video and you will understand what I am talking about and tell me if this is a acceptable Guild War experience:
  • 1.1 Desync
    Characters not appearing in the position that they actually are. This makes really hard to Ressurect people since we don’t know the exact position that they are. Also the old desync bug of characters sliding and disapearing our screen after dying.
    Characters constantly surfing on our screen from border to border due to insane ping spikes.

  • 1.2 Channel Crash
    Sometimes the server couldn’t hold anymore and the ch crashes, everyone gets disconnected and then get stucked in the lodge for some minutes until the channel is back. For some reason when we come back we didn’t get teleported to the city, instead our character is logged directly in the guild war field.

    Many of these bugs has been reported before I hope that they will not take longer to get fixed
  • 2.1 Reversi’d Skills
    AoE skills that have debuffs for some duration are causing perma-debuff to people in the affected area if the skill get reversed.
    This include Raise, Heavy Gravity, Storm Dust and may have been affecting other skills that I am not aware of.

  • 2.2 Templar’s Share Buffs
    The server is already laggy as hell but for some reason the Share Buffs skill makes it much more laggy at the point that is impossible to cast one single skill on it’s full duration. What’s the point of this skill if we can’t even use it properly, no one can cast it in the middle of battles because it will only make things worse and be a inconvenience to other guildmates fighting.
    2.2.1 Skills shared through Share Buffs
    Isn’t Rune of Protection supposed to be shared with Share buffs? Because it’s not working. Can we get a oficial statement about that and possibly a list of which skills we can share?
    2.2.2 Bugs on shared Skills
    I know it’s been reported before, but I would like to reinforce that some skills are not working as intended after shared by Share Buffs, either it has no effect after shared (we still can see the shared buff on the buffs bar) or the effect is not reflecting the actual skill property, like Haste not considering character SPR stat and only providing half movspeed.
    Also, the well known bug with EinSof that makes everyone have 1 HP and in order to go back to normal we need to relog.

    There are some things that doesn’t seem right or it’s not well balanced
  • 3.1 Difficulty to identify your Party
    This is not like previous guild wars that we didn’t needed this, the GTW is party-designed so in order to play nicely we need to be able to identify our Party members to coordinate our actions.
    I’ve had a really hard time during the tests trying to locate my teammates on the crowded map since we can’t see their names.

  • 3.2 Overpowered Amplifier
    It is possible to seize a spot in less than a minute with amplifiers on, and you can stack their effects by destroying multiple amplifiers. I don’t need to tell you that this will be easily abused. Protector buff does not have anything to counter this, there is no point on defending.

  • 3.3 Boss monster respawn area
    I am not paying attention to every area that the boss spawns, but in Genar Field sometimes he spawns at Iborarul Empty Slot which doesn’t make any sense since there is no near portals and we can’t get there without breaking enemy defenses.

  • 3.4 Channel population limitation
    GMs claimed before that GTW has no population cap, but we had problems with that this week, after 100 characters entered the map other people couldn’t enter and got the “channel is full” message.
    This wont work for GTW because a guild can have a big advantage if they manage to get more people than others on the map before the limit.

  • 3.5 What happened to chrostamata?
    What you guys tried to do with this skill? wider area, damage, debuff, healing, immunity OK
    But why make it indestructible? Absolutely nothing works to remove this, not even Counterspell or Reversi, the skill is untouchable. Sometimes looks like we are in The Atlantic Forest because CD is shorter than duration and Druids can keep spamming it.

  • 3.6 Equipment Durability
    This is a long duration battle, why does the equipment durability decrease so fast? Why not make it like TBL?

  • 3.7 Full Time Debuff Immunity
    As if full duration Bloodletting were not enough, we can also have full time CC immunity with Dispeller/Charms. Don’t get me wrong, I know that the silver sink feature of Dispellers/Charms cost is a necessary evil, but is it really the best option to almost nulify some classes because of it?

  • 3.8 Too many Fields for very few guilds
    On our server we only have 2 big guilds and 1 medium that is focused on GvG, the others are small guilds or PvE guilds that doesn’t show up very often.
    The way it is now, the 3 gvg focused guilds will stay each one with 1 field, maybe one of the big stay with 2 while the other stay with 1. There is no need to fight, just wait till the last 10mins of GTW then break amplifier and make 900pts remove all guild members from spot to prevent seizing it, if some guild decide to attack try to hold them as long as you can if you do not succed just enter the spot area, make the last 100 points and the other guild will be kicked, done, they will not have enough time to attack again.

    The current time is a bit late for a lot of people, since the GTW will be happening at Sundays and people need to wake up early on mondays to work or study. It was been discussed before and you guys changed for the 2nd test. I don’t know why decided to change back to this time, I thought that was because some staff would watch the wars to get feedback but that was not the case.

    It is not clear what we are getting as rewards, in the first announcement they stated that we was going to receive a set % of the Market fee but it was not disclosed what was the % for the Grade Field A or B.
    I hope that the reward for Grade A will be a lot better than B, so people will be interested in fight for the better field.

  • 5.1 Guild Coins
    This is the new reward that they are testing the delivery system. Maybe they are replacing the old reward for this or it’s just an additional reward.
    But I would like to complain about one thing: There is not much diffrence on seizing Rank A or B fields, the difference is not that great to make me want to seize a better Spot.
    On first test day we got 90 Coins for Rank A and 80 Coins for Rank B, and in the subsequent days 13 for Rank A and 11 for Rank B.
    I think there needs to be at least 40~50% improvement from one Rank to another.


  • 5.1 Map Design
    I think it’s lazy design to reutilize PvE maps for GvG content, I know that IMC is only focusing on GvG now but it was a lot of time since the last GvG, enough to make a exclusive map.
    5.1.2 GvG Designed Map
    *I was thinking about a map as large as the Survival and Instinct Pt2 event, just in size (maybe larger) but built to fit the GTW. where all guild could participate, without channel cap.
    *Maybe some PvE elements to it (like Gemstone Feud) but not on focus
    *Only 1 entrance (neutral area), but with mutiple portals to teleport to the corners of the map (4 or 6 different places should be enough), after leaving neutral area pvp mode is activated.
    *After dying you can revive in the neutral area(loading screens are a pain in the ass)
    *The Battle to defend/attack happens in the middle of the map.
    *Maybe add some game lore to it, I’ve googled and found that there is a lithuanian goddess called Junda known as Goddess of War. Maybe a estatue of her replacing the current torch would be nice.
    *In adition to the ranked rewards all guilds can gather points like points per kill, per healing amount etc, after the war end points will be converted to GTW Coins and sent to guild Storage(Leader can distribute it), which can be used in the guild Shop that have useful items such as Attribute Points, Gem Abrasives, Legend Enhancement Cards, Blessed Gem/Shard, Stacks of Sierra Powder, exclusive hats etc.
    *As there is no other map to conquer, the rule of seizing spot would change to points of attack/defense each time you seize the spot win certain amount of points, well there is many ways that this can be done. Rewards to the top 5 guilds with each rank receiving 50% of the previous.
    Winner: 50.000 Cooper Bars
    2nd: 25.000 Cooper Bars
    3rd: 12.500 Cooper Bars
    4th: 6.250 Cooper Bars
    5th: 3.125 Cooper Bars
    Remaining guilds that didn’t get enough points to rank top 5 still have the GTW Coins as rewards(from the point system explained above).
    *2hour long duration, taking place at the TBL time (remove TBL from Sundays)
    *Winner will have their emblem displayed in the map (please make the map look like a castle, or at least have one castle inside the map where we can acess the shop etc).
    It’s only a idea, there is a lot to improve but I think it’s a better concept than what we have now the current version of GTW.

  • 5.2 Suggestions about problems mentioned above

Difficulty to identify Party:
Change the icon color on the minimap of guildmates that are not on your PARTY. I know that Cleric: Green, Wizard:Purple, Swordman: Red, Archer: Blue
So please change the color of who’s NOT on our Party to White of some other color.

Unbreakable Chrostamata:
I understand that abilities like Joust, Capture, Detonate Traps, Siege Burst cant break it. But really CounterSpell should remove this and allow be reversed.

Equipment Durability:
Make it just like TBL or remove the penaulty from dying

Too many Fields:
Reduce to 2 field at least

Full time Debuff Imunnity:
Develope a counterpart to the Diminishing Returns System where after 4/5 immunity same type CC can’t be avoided. I think this is a much better solution than nerfing CC immunity buffs or adding CD to Dispeller/Charm.

    I am having problems to finish it b.cause the forum is lagging a lot when I try to type peharps because of the post size.
    I am glad that IMC is finnaly focusing on OvO/GvG content, and are trying to improve it
    There need a lot of balance still and improvement but I do think that they are in the right direction. This current version I wouldn’t say that is playable, mostly because of the lag, fix this and we can at least have some fun while you improve the other aspects of it. I fell like this gonna be another WORK IN PROGRESS still for a while.

There is some vĂ­deos I recorded during the test time:

I am having problems to edit my first post so I will post here:

Yesterday’s GTW pretty much the same:
Lag and Desyncs all the time.
I don’t know why but I am getting a lot of VGA errors lately.
Other thing that I forgot to say before is that bug that guildmates becoming red for no reason, maybe it’s related to the lag, it’s hard to identify the enemy if this keep ocurring frequently.
Amplifiers are OP just look how many people can take a spot vs a lot of people defending the spot area. There is no chance to defend this, defence isn’t plausible.

12th August feedback
When entering the map we had the channel closed 2 times in a row
Other than that I can’t say much because we were the only guild who appeared in the test fields.
Please put the rewards back so people will be interested in testing, it would be better if you put some objectives to earn points/rewards (like kill points), so people will be interested on testing not only entering to get rewards and leaving.