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[SA-Silute] AFK/Toxic Player

  • Reason for report : player AFK during dungeon; harassment

  • Server : Silute (South America)

  • Team Name : Erotes

  • Location : Dungeon Level 270

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : Aug 1st, 2018, 16:55 (17:55 on Brazil time zone)

  • Evidence:

  • Details: I reported the mentioned team via the automatic option in-game as “Disruptive Gameplay” due he/she being “Away From Keyboard” during a Dungeon lv 270 run. As the other party members and I killed the final boss, I told on group chat for the other players to report him/her. Instants after that, the player whispered me with offenses (“piece of ■■■■” and “■■■■■■■”, in a free translation; the related words in brazilian portuguese were highlighted in the attached picture).

Hello @phpsena

We’ll make sure to monitor this reported player. Thank You!