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[SA] I lost over 100M from market transactions made 2 week ago

i wasn’t play somuch these month because on chile the 2 late weeks of september are like holydays due a national party. anyway since that I put over 300 Raid tokens for almost 200k and 2 of my failed velcoff weapons I sold a shield for like 70M and a lot of raids tokens. so yesterday I check the the market and i got almost 190M for all the trades now I only have a velcoff mace, like 20 raid stones and 30M on my pockets…


Look your team storage, some of the silver received was moved to it. :slight_smile:

i check it and its not there, also i dont have token thats wy I have all my silver on my char. by the way i can’t log now

Its a temporary maintenance :confused:

im still waiting my things back


You reap what you sow; try and buy a weapon $$$ again right now, good luck kkkkkkk.

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