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Runecaster with Vaivora

I just got myself the Runecaster Vaivora, and it’s pretty neat, just have to keep the buff stacked and topped up with Runecaster ‘casted’ spells.

Anyone found a nice skill combo to keep the buff up on the regular (30 seconds)?

I was thinking of maybe…

Screenshot from 2021-04-20 10-39-10

That way I have enough casted skills to keep the buff topped up and stacked fast, and that awesome Rune of Repulsion skill. Or another idea is just get rid of Gravitation and Stone then get Earth Rune instead?

Since I use Terramancer Master Card , I maxed Rune of Stone and Rune of Rock.
After used for a while I found that Rune of Earth is annoying since it only hit 1 enemy. So I left it only 1 point now.

Rune of Destruction hit like truck. Maxed it too.

I didn’t use Rune of Repulsion since its channeling skill.

This is my build : 스킬 플래너 - 트리 오브 세이비어 데이터베이스 (

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i am playing a caster RC Omnyo Sage with RC VVR
I max out rune of ROCK, Justice, Gravity, Destruction, Beginning, +1Lv rune of protection for the extra stack during buffing stage. 5 extra skill point from level progression reward to max rune of Gravity.

pls note that there is a possible bug on RC stacks. the +20% dmg per stack is based on +0 +1 +2 +3 +4. Max bonus is at 4th stack… 5th stack rune of rock = 2nd stack rune of rock. so u would wanna try to cast rune of destruction on 4th stack whenever u can. especially on non-property genbu rotation.

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Thanks for the input!

I also eventually went Sage/Onmy/RC. It is a really fun class to play, especially compared to Pyro/Tao/Ele or Bokor - which is a bore-fest by comparison. :haha:

What is your skill rotation ? especially for raids wbr n tel.

I don’t do Raids, I’m too casual for that. AutoCM and Dimensional Collapse solo at stage 5 is about the only content I do, and easy as pie Misrus.

Can’t bring myself to bother with the endless end-game grind and their weird mechanics sorry to say, I just like finding fun classes and tinkering with them.

i see…
For Caster RC omnyo sage, i notice that in wbr, Hole of darkness will deal the most dmg, next to rune of rock, rune of justice, rune of destruction.
this class combination might work well with the next upcoming sage vvr that focus on Hole of darkness.

extra info if anybody interested in Lv4 RC vvr, with the reduction of 15s on Justice + 20% cd reduction,
During 5th stacks, you could cast Rune of Rock x2 + Rune of Justice x2 to get back on 5th stack, then Rune of Destruction for max dmg amp.
The cd of Rune of Rock n Rune of Justice will reset about the same time for your next rotation.

in CM/DS/Res i would mainly be using the following rotation:
Dimension Compression (20s) - Ultimate Dimension (20s) - Rune of Rock x2 (16s) - Rune of Justice x2 (12s)

after that would follow up with-
Rune of destruction (if off cd) & filler skill Howling white tiger, wind shikigami, Toyou. Greenwood shikigami,

wbr/tel, i will use
arcane explosion, Goddess buff pot, Blink paradox + Hole of darkness, Rune of Destruction, Rune of Rockx2, Rune of justicex2

Anybody else tried with other class combination?
Seen some go with caster RC omnyo chronos with dagger…

How does the rotation fit in with chrono? especially with PASS