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Rune Caster spell animations bugged

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Server Name: Klaipeda

Team Name: Vuux

Character Name: Daylas
Bug Description:

When holding a Rune Spell at max charge, the character will cycle through the same “Charging” animation repeatedly, instead of sitting at the max charge animation frame. Previously the character would remain at the max-charge animation before releasing the spell, but now it looks very buggy/sloppy.

Steps to reproduce the issue :
Hold any Rune Spell (Besides Destruction) at max charge, and you can see the character bug out and repeat it’s animation cycle over and over again, which quite frankly looks very choppy and unflattering than when it would remain at it’s max-charge frame, which looks more like the character is about to unleash a powerful attack.

Screenshots / Video :

(Sorry for poor quality)

This problem occurred after some changes were made to how Rune Caster spells worked, and it really messed up a lot of animations. As one of my favorite classes in Tree of Savior I would really like for it’s animations to be fixed/updated to it’s previous state where each Rune spell would remain on it’s max-charged animation, instead of this awkward, chopping cycling.

Hi VeraciousVuux

Kindly send us a support ticket with details about the matter for us to further investigate your concern


actually a lot of the skill animations are bugged after th patch owO;;

they seem to spam really fast at random owO;;;

I made a report and got told to fix my internet, despite the fact that this is a problem being experienced by all players. =/

If they’re not even willing to acknowledge it as a problem, I can’t imagine how any graphical, or animation glitches will ever get addressed, nevermind solved.