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Rune Caster, some suggestions

Rune Caster, even though ignored by Nexon / IMC, is a fairly week PVE class which requires a power rebalance in order to become viable in such content.

As I understand, IMC believes in rune caster as a PVP class, and for such a reason it has % dmg reduction skills, a guaranteed CC skill as long as enemy is debuffed and some heavy hitting AoE spells. I do not play such PVP content but i do not see either many RC’s in such content. Only the god himself, Texas.

Community has generally asked for an attribute for rune caster that allows you to over-charge skills in order to deal more damage. For this concept in particular, which is definetly very interesting, that would require to remove Rune Caster; Skilled Casting attribute or create an Art (which could replace the current cloth mastery art) which disables “rune caster; skilled casting” attribute and makes the following. (Call it CONCENTRATED RUNE READING? I DONT KNOW)

Maximum cast time for Rune Caster skills is increased by up to 4 times. Base cast time is 1 second per skill. Overheat from Rune of ice and Rune of Justice removed. Additional effects are applied when casting for a longer time. Effects could be as followed;

Rune of Ice; Increases number of hits and debuff.
1 second casting time; 3 hits from rune of ice + normal freeze debuff (2s)
2 second casting time; 5 hits from rune of ice + 5s freeze debuff
4 second casting time; 7 hits from rune of ice + 30% increased critical damage done.

Rune of Justice;
1 second casting time; 5 hit rune of justice
2 second casting time; 10 hit rune of justice (as it’s current version vs devil)
4 second casting time; 15 hit rune of justice

Rune of Destruction;
1 second casting time; current Rune of Destruction
2 second casting time; current Rune of Destruction + (-15% PDEF)
4 second casting time; current rune of destruction + (-15% pdef -15% crit res -15% block)

Rune of Rock;
1 second casting time; current Rune of Rock
2 second casting time; Additional 50% dmg to Rune of Rock
4 second casting time; additional 50% dmg to Rune of Rock + 50% chance of 3s stun.

Rune of Protection
1 second casting time; current rune of protection
2 second casting time; current rune of protection + 50% additional dmg reduction and CC invulnerability for 15s.
4 second casting time; current rune of protection with double effectiveness for 30s and cc invulnerability for 15s.

As for rebalancing ideas and my personal opinion about what should be done about rune caster.

Rune of Ice; Change 2 OH to 1 OH, Increase current SFR to 5.700% at level 15 per hit. Cooldown increased to 25s. Make rune of ice become a True multihit skill that does a total of 3 hits. Has +30% crit dmg vs enemies debuffed by Rune of Destruction.

Rune of Justice;
Decrease maximum level to 10. Change 2 OH to 1 OH, Increase SFR to 2.400% at level 10 per hit. Remove double damage done to devil, add +% final damage depending on enemy ATK/MATK. (+0,02% for every 10 atk)

Rune of Protection; decrease maximum level to 5.

Rune of Giants; decrease maximum level to 1. Allow 100% uptime.

Rune of Rock: current version, maybe raise SFR slightly.

And now the biggest problem;
Rune of Justice Arts in korea. You clearly have a class that is dedicated to CASTING RUNES and then you just go on and change rune of justice into a goddamn channel, breaking the entire entity of the class. Had i been any of you developers i would have made something flavourful. Tiwaz (Rune of Justice) is represented by Tyr (the one handed god of war). If I were you i’d do something different, turn Rune of Justice into a Buff using the arts.

Rune of Justice; Rune of War;
Upon casting rune of justice generate 3 orbs around the caster. Each orb gives +5% critical damage. Orbs can be consumed individually by pressing rune of justice again, casting a 1 second cast time version of rune of justice. Skill will only enter cooldown after releasing both orbs. Orb release is not a cast, it’s immediate upon key press.

This art sacrifices the DPS from Rune of justice in order to increase the DPS from other skills.

That’s my share, if i were to pin point something i REALLY want changed, are the current rune caster arts. They might fit a PVP/GVG environment, but they don’t do anything towards class identity which blows massive D I C K.


As someone trying to get into Rune Caster, I don’t find the the Cloth Art as bad as the new Rune of Justice Art. While the Cloth Art does nothing for class identity, it’s not nearly as bad as the new Rune of Justice Art. As you mentioned I have no idea why they decided to give a class that’s entirely about casting a channel(especially as an Art).

I generally agree with everything else, especially about adding an attribute that allows you to cast longer for more damage and different skill effects.

If I had to change one thing about the class(Without adding entirely new skills), I would allow all Wizard class skill usage during Rune of Giants. I have no idea why this isn’t already a thing anyway, if they really feel like it would be too strong(I doubt that it would be), cut the current effects of the skill in half making the skill a 10% HP and Defense/Magic Defense buff and +10 movement speed.

I just want the class to be better and I don’t want IMC to keep trying to run away from the theme of the class, which is that of a class heavily based around casting skills.

The cloth art intends to replicate leather mastery but doesnt increase crit cap to 60% therefore its fairly worse than running leathet, you do get - 25% magic damage taken but you sacrifice pdef and 10% max crit chance.

Don’t get me wrong, I agree that the Cloth Art is pretty bad. I think that it should be buffed or removed and changed into something else, but it just doesn’t annoy me as much as the new RoJ Art (Probably because it’s the newer Art).

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