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Rune Caster skill change suggesstions


Here i will suggest a skill list for what i would consider a more interesting rune caster tree. Making Rune of Destruction a 3rd circle skill and giving rune caster a personality revolving around long casting times, long cooldowns and multiple rune choices.
In this example I added atributes which completely change the behaviour of some skills, most importantly rune of ice and rune of protection, while rune of justice isn’t as changed. Of course, attributes can only be turned on/off whenever a skill is ready to use.

This Skill list intends to make rune caster a class which interacts mostly with cryomancer, warlock, monk, nak muay, and psychokino.

Rune Caster

Main class attribute;

[Rune Caster: Focused Casting]. Max Level: 10 (Char Level = 300)
For each additional second spent casting Rune Caster skills, increase damage done by 2% * attribute level. Maximum damage bonus = 100%.

Class Lv1 Skills

Rune of Justice (Tiwaz), OH 1, Max Level: 15, [Holy Property]
Charges a divine magic attack that is unleashed in a straight line.
Skill Factor = (252 + 6,8 × ([Skill Level] - 1)) x 5
Cast time = 4s
Cooldown = 90s
Deals double the hits to enemies afflicted by a [Curse]

Attribute: Sol [Fire Property]
Rune of Justice becomes fire-property and instead deals double damage to [Frozen] enemies, removing [Frozen] debuff.

Attribute concept taken from norse poem:

Sun is the shield of the clouds
and shining ray
and destroyer of ice.

Rune of Protection (Algiz), OH 1, Max Level: 15
Applies a shield on the caster which partially absorbs damage taken, this bonus is quadrupled while casting.
Damage absorbed (%) = [Skill Level]
Duration = 180s
Cooldown = 180s
Cast time = 4s

Attribute: Berkanan
Rune of Protection will now become a channelling skill which reduces [Rune Caster] cooldowns by 1s every 1s. While channelling you heal yourself and nearby allies by 1% of your max HP per second.
Channelling = Up to 30s
CD = 5s
[Focused Casting] Doubles the cooldown reduction and healing speed, applying every 0,5s.

Rune of Giants (Thurisaz), OH 1, Max Level: 15
Turn you or an ally into a giant. Giant players are considered Large-type and have their HP, defense and movement speed increased. Any character is unable to use skills while giant (except for Nak Muay and Monk skills).
HP, PATK, Defense increase % = 10 + [Skill Level] × 4
Movement speed increased by 20.
Duration = 120s
Cooldown = 120s
Cast time = 4s

Skill concept: Scouting-based skill which can also interact with other non-wizard classes.

Class lv16 Skills

Rune of Ice (Isa), OH 1, Max Level: 10 [Ice Property]
Freezes target enemy and its surroundings, dealing damage to targeted enemy and applying [Runic Freeze] debuff to any target in the vicinity. Enemies affected by [Runic Freeze] take 3 times more damage from Ice Blast. The skill would stop being a projectile, use the old Rune of Ice animation, but this time on top of selected target.

SFR = 1241 + (62.05 x [Skill level])
Runic Freeze duration = 0,5 + 0,2 * Skill level
Cast time = 6s
Cooldown = 120s
[Runic Freeze] is a lvl 99 debuff, applies on ALL monsters, demon lords and legendary monsters included. [Focused Casting] increases Runic Freeze duration by 0,4s for each additional second spent casting.

Attribute: Laguz
Replaces the effect of rune of ice. Water sprouts from the caster, spreading around the entire field, dealing damage to enemies and applying [Fear] debuff. Reveals hidden enemies.
SFR = 424 + (21 * skill level)

Attribute concept taken from a norse poem:

The ocean seems interminable to men,
if they venture on the rolling bark
and the waves of the sea terrify them
and the stallion of the deep heed not its bridle.

Rune of Rock, OH 1, Max Level: 10, [Earth Property]
Makes a Rock fall from the sky into target location. Flying enemies take double damage and get [Knocked Down] for 6 seconds. Ground enemies become [Stunned] for 2 seconds. Enemies under the effects of [Raise] will also take double damage.
SFR = 1561 + (93.2 * skill level)
Cast time = 6s

Class lv31 skills

Rune of Destruction (Hagalaz), OH 1, Max level: 5. [Dark Property]
Inflicts powerful damage to enemies in the targeted area. Attacked enemies reflect magic, dealing additional damage to other enemies and reducing their magic defense for 20 seconds.
MDEF reduction = 10% x Skill Level
Skill Factor = 2238 + 327.8 x Skill level
Cooldown 180 seconds.
Cast time = 8s

@STAFF_Bob @STAFF_Ines @STAFF_Ethan I would love if at least you took a look at it.

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