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Rune Caster quest timer

Hey, guys. Recently i have been trying to complete Rune Caster unlock quest and i can’t do it for a couple of days now. Problem is chronomancer master part. I have done everything before her - she says she can’t find it right now and to come back later. So i set right near her for 6 hours, periodically checking in - no success. After that i tried switching channels - no success. I tried it after server restart - no success.
All the topics about the quest mention her having a debuff with timer. I installed a hidden buff addon - and she has none. Not on any channel. Screenshot for that.

I am at complete loss here. Does anyone have any recent experience with this quest?!

Timer is there for me, when using the addon.

Is it this one?

Seems like I have an outdated version. And for some reason the addon manager doesnt even say I have this addon installed…

I downloaded this version from github and still no debuff here. Are you on Fedimian by any chance?

No, I’m on Klaipeda. For me, when the hidden timer is gone with the addon installed, that means the npc is ready to give the rune.

Check the “addons” folder too, on mine there are 2 folders inside that I assume come from the addon:

The showhidebuff one is completely empty, and the showtargetbuff one has a json file with this written in it:

If missing this is not the problem, then I have no idea :frowning:

Wew, that actually was another addon, from jtos and THAT one works. It finally shows the buff.

Now to wait out 220 minutes and see if it will work.

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Just a few more tips for grabbing this rune:
1- If you disconnect and the channel becomes empty, the timer resets
2- The hidden timer is not 100% correct, it stays at 0sec for a few minutes after it ends. Only when it completely dissapears you can grab the rune.

Did this quest 8-9 times a long time ago. It was not fun ;-;

Finally finished the quest! Thanks a lot, would not be able to do this without your advice. Very strange quest indeed.