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Rune Caster Quest - Royal Mausoleum Rune

It’s just ridiculous to get that rune with the reset event going on.

There’s just too many people doing it. The respawn is simply too long, it’s RANDOM between the Royal Mausoleum floors AND THE CHANNEL IS RANDOM TOO. Beside that, ONLY 1 PERSON CAN PICK THE GOD DAMN RUNE. With this many people doing the quest because of the event, There’s just NO WAY to do it. In the normality I agree to be like that, but during that event, it’s just ridiculous. We have to do that to TEST THE BUILD. What if we don’t like the result? We did all that rune hunting for absolutelly nothing.

My sugestion is: keep the respawn like it is: Random between the floors AND between the channels. BUT let the rune stay there for some time (enought to cross from 1 map to another if necessary) and let ANYONE who click the rune to get it, not just 1 person.

At least during the event, it will be more reasonable to be like that.


I am trying to pick the rune since yesterday util now and nothing. many people trying to pick the rune to test rune caster please do something this is ridiculous

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Been trying to get the rune for some hours now, I don’t have the time to spend in something I’m not even sure I’ll get, I’m spendind all my free time in that instead of doing something I like.

I couldn’t agree more… I’ve been doing this quest for 3 days and I’m really tired that every time when I find that rune someone goes first and get it… Honestly I’m even considering giving up RC quest and spend my time in another build or character…We are not complaining but really…The way it is I think it’s better to spend the time in other things…

you realize runecaster is probably the second easiest hidden class quest right?

As much as I hate the whole “wait 90 years for something to spawn hgugheungue 2fun4me” thing, it’s like…supposed to be a hidden class man. thanks to datamining it isn’t ofc but I don’t think it’s unreasonable for them to mitigate the flow of people taking a class they never should’ve gotten easily in the first place.

The point isn’t the difficulty, the point is that too many people are doing the quest at the same time, so the rune taking 2 hours to respawn and only 1 person being able to get the rune is just ridiculous. If you’re lucky to be in the right floor, in the right channel, at the right time, you MAY get the rune if no one picks it up before you do.

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I know that it’s supposed to be a hidden class and all that, I’m not saying that it should be easier FOREVER to do that quest, but at least while that reset event is going on, it COULD be easier, because there are too many people doing it at the same time, so you have lots of people in every single map, in every single channel, and only one of them is going to get the rune, that’s what I mean.

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ye, but the point is, regardless of the situation, it isn’t supposed to be a class that has no bars on the number of people who take it all at once. iirc one of the very first beta ideas of the class would to have a cap on the number of people who could take it in the first place.

Opening the “floodgates” at a time when MORE people are going into the game and most people are switching classes makes the whole point of there being a restriction in the first place moot. You could argue that the idea of hidden classes are stupid and so is theit execution (which I would agree on the execution portion), but so long as they remain “hidden classes”, they aren’t supposed to be easily accessible all at once for all the cryos out there wanting to take it in for a meta build. even if something else in the game is easier, like rerolling.

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But why other hidden classes are easier to become? Miko has the respawn of 1 per channel and the respawn is of 30 minutes, so people form a “line” and define a sequence of who will get it first. That’s my point, the Rune Caster quest is almost impossible to do in the current conditions.
If the respawn was 1 per channel and in a fix spot, I would tottaly agree with you. But the way it is, I can’t think of how I will do it.
I guess the principal reason why people are wanting to test RC is because of the Warlock nerf (that’s my case and most of people’s whom I’ve spoken to casesas well), so lots of people are trying to do it.
It was suppose to have a limited ammount of people with the class, I get it, mas this event isn’t a normal situation to think about. Even the shinobi flower is easier to get than this rune, because it has a fix spot.
I’m not saying they should just cancel the quest or anything like that, I’m saying that they need to do something to make it a little easier, because not everyone has the time to spend 3 days in front of the computer waiting for an item to spawn and still have to dispute it with a ton of players.

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but you do realize that there are people coming back, people who quit beacuse of some problems like the game demanding time while the reward is not even assured, time that we don’t have to spare.

in that case is better to they. thinking on doing new counts or use the new events to make new chars faster and make the RC later. instead fight with the old players for that runes.

So your solution for the demand of people trying to test RC now is “give up, and see if you like it after the event, and if you don’t just stop playing with this Rank 6 character that you made”?

So if you see someone with a problem in your game, instead of trying to help and make them play it more, you just let them with the problem hoping that they don’t quit? Nice solution, someone should hire you…

I was quitted from the game, bro. Returned exactly because of that massive change and the event.

I’m waiting since 9am :smiley:

It is simply impossible to complete this quest, dozens of players on each of the floors of Mausoleum and only one will catch the rune.
Knowing that the spawn is random between floors and the channels , and that the rune appears from 30 minutes to 1 hour of intarvalo and that every 20 minutes another player arrives to also the quest will take a week to complete the mission, One week Is half the event that’s happening now …
Brazilian server is one of the most loaded in the game, should have a special attention.

How do we summon a GM to see this post and at least consider the problem? D:

Btw, the only time that I saw someone get the runa was like that. There was 20 people in a group, and one in every floor/channel, but still I’ve waited 14h and didn’t get it because of the randomness :dizzy_face:
So this is my experience now, 14h afk and not doing dungeons or anything else to gain absolutely nothing

I’ve done a Rune Caster.
Yestarday I waited for almost 6hrs to pick up the rune.

My advice is: go in 1 CH and 1 Floor and WAIT for almost 2hrs.
When I talked to a friend asking advice he told me:“don’t switch channel, don’t switch floor, wait and in 2hrs and 30 mins will spawn”.
So the Rune spawned after 2hrs when I talked to him.
The rune spawn at :00 and :30.
Mine spawned at :00 clock.
Where: isn’t important.

And don’t forget: start the prerequisite! Don’t go to the Royal if you don’t have started it! Otherwise you will not be able to see the rune!