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Rune caster builds?

any good rune caster builds? so I put my hands on that precious unlock voucher, and was thinking of doing a caster rune
but I’m ■■■■■■■ lost.

I’m running Taoist - Runecaster - Chronomancer on my sub. Taoist for single target DPS. Chronomancer has Quick Cast to reduce charging time of Runecaster’s skills, and also Pass for Taoist DPS skills and Runecaster relatively high CD skills.

im an alchemist runecaster sage owO

you can take off the sage part and put on a more supportive class owO

tho tbh i was planning to keep changing classes where i can kreate spell scrolls via rune caster

and transfer all these to my main wiz Owo

one step closer to become a master wiz owO if only i have much resources to produce large amounts of scrolls per class change owO;:wink:

I currently try a ele chrono RC…with rod and Quick cast u can reduce the charging time by 90%. I read that Tao is THE choice instead of RC in this build but you could even use Pyro to have synergy with ele. At the moment iam not that sure if Chrono skills are that good…i mean… Quickcast and Pass are very good - no doubt. But taking an entire tree for just 2 skills? Dont get me worng - reincanate and Stop are not that bad - its just feels that its lacking of some…support xD. Woud proberly bee a good idea to use max Slow so all your spells slow the enemy to the ground - no escape from nukes like Meteor, Rune of Stone, Rune of Justice and Rune of Destruction >:)

hi, i’d like to add on tat chrono has more uses for tat. Backmask can be used to extend duration of ur magic circles (flame ground and dust storm for example), and revive teammates.

Reincarnate and stop can be used during emergencies to save urself or allies. Although the cd is long, if u have the self-pass attribute on, the cds of these 2 skills are not tat long. Reincarnate can also be used as a mean to regen hp fully, which is especially useful if ure soloing cm or farming irredian/baubus. Andd enchant slow adds 30% additional dmg to Rune of Destruction.

Since ure using ele RC and chrono u may not feel the impact of chrono’s pass as ele’s skills are mostly low cd. If u change ele to tao, chrono’s self pass with tao’s cdc and all the buffs and debuffs is one of the strongest single target wizard burst combo ive seen.

in my case - backmask only can extrend stormdust, but else ur right with extension of circles. I will stay with this build because its just fun to play with. (instant meteor ftw)
iam just not sure which chrono spell is worth maxing except pass and quickcast.
Slow in combi with Rune of destruction sounds handy.
Stop with only 30 seconds sounds good as well…but reincanation needs a large uptime as well :confused:

Hi, thanks for the reply guys
it seems taoist is a pretty good, had not tested it yet myself
(many classes, few slots, little time, I’m poor in time and money :sad:)
I endup with this

maybe I’ll drop elementalist, and switch to chronomancer.

I currently have a RC sage chrono and I’m really thinking about dropping chrono but idk what to put instead.

It feels like RC has really bad synergies with the rest of the wizard tree atm every time you find a synergy it’s just for a specific skill (warlock for mastema holy damage boost, sage for +30% damage on neutral magic, tao for being able to cast skills in giant form, chrono for Pass, etc) so I’m afraid there’s no “good” RC build where everything clicks together, you just have to do with what you want.

RC don’t really have much synergy other than taking Chronomancer for Quick Cast. RC is more of a standalone class with AOE nukes. The skills are not that good now but there will be an upcoming buff that will increase the attacks.

Elementalist on the other hand can have synergy with other classes like Pyro and Tao. If you want to compare Elementalist and Runecaster STANDALONE, I would say Elementalist has more damage while Runecaster has more support. Runecaster help parties with the magic defence debuff from Rune of Destruction. Rune of Ice also is good CC for stages like Velco. Also, the costume is really great if that is a deciding factor.

If you really want to drop, I think dropping Sage for a single target DPS focused like Taoist is good.

when this buff comes? is it already scheduled?
I’m struggling to do dmg with my char right now (maybe I’m just bad)

There should be another revamp to Runecaster, accompanied with some Shadowmancer buffs as well. Rune of Rock would have higher damage, whole Rune of Ice and Justice would have x2 overheat. Rune of Giant would be able to use Earthquake for jumping which isn’t very useful since you cannot cast a lot of other class ski in Giant mode

this is nice, I think… :v