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Rubberband affecting every archer instant movement skill while in Sniper Serenity/low movement skill


Sniper Serenity+Safe Distance is already bugged since pre:rebuild, and i believe theres other thread that talked about this problem
now we got 2 new movement speed and both are bugged again.
the only way for blitz to not warped back is i have to register its hit to a target.

Higher level of leap also have no chance to rubberband itself even without serenity (even with <100 ping)

One of the way ive found to reduce its rubber band is i have to move around a bit, so it doesnt register as sudden movement that might’ve possible because of its connection to server (or something, i don really know)

Muskekekeke, sharing my love for Musketeer

welcome to my world :frowning: happens with all skills of the kind except teleport ironically :confused:


@GM_Francis @STAFF_Bob will you consider to take a look at this bug, i really wish it will get fixed