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Rivayir's Twitch Community (Everyone is welcome!)

Hi, I’m Rivayir! You might know me from threads such as KToS General, where I complain about the lack of Matador buffs, or random Scheduled Maintenance threads where I ask “Balance patch when?”.

I honed my streaming craft over the last few months to bring you the best value in casual Tree of Savior streams. I don’t follow the Meta. I make my own Meta. I stream on Mondays Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays around 8-11 PM (Central European Time), sometimes I go shorter, sometimes I go longer.

Here are my social media links:


I especially invite new players to join me, if you have questions, but veteran players are also welcome, so we can dive into some nostalgia and I tell you about my Swordsman 3 > Hoplite 3 > Corsair 3 > Shinobi build I miss so much. I love to discuss the newest kTest server patch notes. I love to engage with my chat. I welcome everyone that also just likes to watch without chatting and see me descend into madness while the game refuses to drop me the stuff I want, I almost die to laughable story bosses on my alts and other shenanigans.