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Ripper CDR Math Check

I’d like to confirm the lowest possible cooldown for Ripper.

By default, Inquisitor’s Ripper skill has a cooldown of 55 seconds. With support from a party member’s lvl 13 Statue of Goddess Laima (or your own if you’re weird), its cooldown can go down to 40 seconds. However, it does not end there.

There are two kinds of equipment that can further reduce the cooldown of Ripper. According to IMC, Ripper is classified as a “channeling skill” and benefits from the effects of the “Infinity Blessing” armors. Besides just generally having good stats, the additional effects of having all four equipped at the same time include +400% damage, -20% cooldown, and -20% damage taken while using channeling skills.

On top of this, there is also the upcoming lvl4 Outrage 2H Mace, which has the added effect of reducing Ripper’s cooldown by a flat 25 seconds.

What I want to know is how all three of these effects interact. If my math is correct, having the lvl 13 Laima buff and a full Infinity Blessing set would reduce the cooldown from 40 seconds to 32 seconds. If that 32 seconds is then affected by the lvl4 Outrage 2H Mace, it should leave Ripper with only 7 seconds of cooldown time.

Is this correct?

flat cd reduction first so: (55-25)(1-0.26)(1-0.2) = 17.76s

Ludotos tested this, you can check his video:

Spamming the scissors is getting real ;w;

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