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Rip to those who opened their founder pack

Though wasn’t it said time and time again not to redeem them if you plan to transfer?. It’s still ■■■■ all, but yeah.

they never told us about a EU server so alot of us opened out pack most likely 90% of us


Oh dam thosr who paid 10 dollars could trf just bcuz they didnt havr anything to redeem could trf while ppl who paid for 30 and 50 cant trf just because they redeem the token? Wtf is that logic lolol. But i redeem 2 days ago before sea server even been announce wtf man

i do not understand that abit broken english mate.

i bought the 45 euro package. and they wont do anything not resetting my account either

Exceot they did if demand was there. Also added not to open them if you plan to transfer.

This is weird guys, let’s think about this. what you got from opened Founder box?

2.Fancy Hat

1,3 and 4 will be transfer along with the Character according to this

So, what remain is those Fancy Hats. isn’t equipment also transfer?

I just don’t know what to believe at this point.

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believe in the piles of salt

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again… that is far to late to tell to people 2 hours after servers opened on 29th. that is why so many people got ■■■■■■ over.

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Well just give people new premium things and all hapy.why mske it hard.

FYI this is what i asked for

so i really need to ask this isnt it possible for you guys to completly reset my account? and give me the founder pack again on Feldi? that way i wont have two founder packs? isnt that possible? and relatively easy and quick fix?

if so please do reset my account and redestribute the founder pack to me

steam account maplestory 52…

please tell me

i never asked them about the transfer… and they completly diverted it

This is why they’re so damn incompetent. While they did give a warning, there was no system in place to transfer people. Let alone any afterthought to do anything usefull.

Fyi resetting a account should be easy

Except they won’t untill everyone complains. At which point they’ll have to reset everyones Token timer. This is going by the terrible “compensation” items they threw at us.

well no and yes. however they should still do it. otherwise i need to get a refund from paypal or my bank.

since its actually not unfair for anyone since we lose our progress and have to start again

Put all the dlc things in your inventory. I think they can be transferred. But need clarification from IMC just in case.

Pretty much right at this point. I will say this, once enough refunds go thorugh steam, they will remove this game and also refund anyone who wants to refund. This is also one of their biggest mistakes.

i hope i get a reset or something

hope this gets changed, have redeemed my stuff but USA server is near unplayable with this ping.

It was said, but not until a few hours after the game went live. So, what if you used your founder pack before they posted that warning? You guessed it, you’re screwed and have to wait 6 weeks until they do a complete transfer.

Still find it hard to understand? Imagine you’re driving a car along the highway. You drive past the junction you were supposed to turn off. You keep driving straight for 2 hours. Now, your passenger tells you “you were supposed to turn off 2 hours ago”. Thanks for telling me that now.
You try to reverse, but the road is being repaired. It won’t be repaired until 6 weeks later. So you are left with no choice but to wait.

eh what? u do know u are ■■■■■■ because u opened it they wont transfer u … and beside the Failed to tell us in time that a Eu server was going to open. they already knew a eu server was going to open but did not tell us. and they wont do anything about it.

No resets, no transfers if u open your pack.

nothing will be done

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