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Rexipher Cosplay!

Hello Guys! Its me again xD
As I said on my Krivis cosplay topic, me an my friends are working on lots of cosplays of TOS! We are a brazilian group called “Rudran” an now I’m here to show you my Friend Victor Silva Pires dos Reis - Kamuy - As Demon Lord Rexipher human form! What do you think?

You can see us at facebook page

And our next project may be Emiliano as Plague Doctor

Thank you for your time!!


That’s fantastic, nice work to all of you.

Awesome Work!
Behold for Lord Rexipher has come to this world…!

hmmm! you look like it, but you are missing the obvious EVIL aura…

you must focus your outer EVIL, like those obvious badguys on tv shows and movies :imp: