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Rework world boss drops

After completing a Drakonas Lynnki Sit set for a character I wanted to start farming for a Drakonas Pasiutes set for another character. I got most of the stuff ready, but there is a big problem… there is not a single Pasiutes Bracelet recipe available on the whole **** server!!!

Anyone knows the drop rate of such item? It seems that with the fusion of field bosses and world bosses all the recipes have more or less disappeared. It’s still common to get the level 75 items or level 220 recipes, but the unique ones are almost impossible to get. And if you’re lucky to get one… it’s not the one you’re looking for!!!

Suggestion #1: divide drops among bosses. Each set line (Lynnki, Frieno, Pasiutes, Kite Moor) should be tied to specific bosses. Bosses are different, their drops should be too.

Suggestion #2: increase recipe drop. Currently trying to craft these accessories feels like trying to complete Royal Mausoleum collections of red and blue orbs. Absurd…

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