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Rework needed for Uphill Defense rewards

Hey devs and mods.

I’ve been playing this game since before the Founders Server went live. I am happy to see that you guys listen to feedback from your player base - it’s what keeps me coming back to this game.

My suggestions are:

1 - You really need to do something about the reward system for the Uphill Defense mission. Currently you get ~50 points per run, if you can make it to the final stage. You can only do 2 Uphill runs per day IF you have a token. If you were trying to save up for the Panda companion, it would literally take you almost a full YEAR of game time, doing only uphill runs. This is compounded by the fact that no one generally queues for this mission, which makes getting the max amount of points harder than it should be.

2 - You really really really really need to add the dungeon and mercenary post NPC’s to either Orsha, Fedi, or both. Since merging the 2 NA servers, Klaipedia is effectively inaccessible on channel 1 during peak game hours. The various shops and players all congregate on channel 1, so you can’t get the buffs you want OR a full dungeon run lobby if you are on any other channel.


Hello @kboscoe

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We appreciate your efforts for providing this kind of suggestion. We will be reviewing these suggestion and see what can we done in the future.

Thank you!
GM Francis!

i cant solo this dungeon with normal quips at lvl 360 though
though it would be nice if they can make the points higher than 50

Totally second the suggestion #2. My client crashes 70% of the time I go to Klaipeda ch1.