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Rework Merc Badge, Vaivora Coin, and TP Shops

Both the Vaivora Coin and Mercenary Badge shops have many items that given changes in-game content and event rewards have become obsolete and are almost never a cost-effective or viable option for purchasing.

Considering you can get >40k free attribute points a week by just doing Assister Dungeon, Weekly Boss Raid, Hunting Grounds, and Uphill which most players are expected to do, it makes almost no sense to spend 2,000 mercenary badges for 1000 attribute points or 10 wings of vaivora coins (4-10 days of logging in for 1k attribute points).

Both shops also have redundant items (awakening stones/attribute points) and items that are routinely given out for free in events or event shops(magnifiers, enchant scrolls, skill/attribute resets, class change vouchers) but at a more expensive cost with a harder to collect currency.

The general consumable TP items are all almost worthless as well due to these shops/events and I would be surprised if you made any money from Urgent Repair Kits, Warp Scrolls, or TP magnifiers.

All of these shops need some more love, especially Merc Badges if silver is actually going to be removed from fields and hunting grounds. I suggest rotating out the hair accessories and pet boxes in the mercenary badge shop as well to make it more appealing for players to do additional content that generates merc badges like Gem Feud and TBL.