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Rework companion training system

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I want to propose to rework the current companion training system because it’s useless now, players need to spend too much silver to increase the statistics by a negligible amount… I really think that nobody use it now.

The problem with rework this to a better one system is that mounted classes already get boosted by mounting companions… So i propose to increase by x2.5 (rounded up) the basic bonus from companions while players dont mount it (for example, Hedgehog which gives “+500 increase pierce-type damage”, would give +1250 increase pierce-type damage to non-mounted players)

Some buffs from companions like Golden Pig looting chance increase and Snow Bunny/Moonlight Sparrow exp increase wouldnt be affected by the increase x2.5

The rework on the companion training system that i propose consist on create in the citys and in the guild hangout, a building or NPC where you can get different kind of quests to improve different kind of stats from the companions.

For example:

Endurance quests (stamina and movement speed): the quests to improve this stats will be based on complete a race mounting the companion on different maps (players will get teleported to the map and they will have a time to complete the quest after it starts). Each one of this kind of quests will increase the stamina from the pet by +30 points (up to a maximum of +600), and the movement speed will be increased by 1 point while mount it after get +150 stamina by this quests (up to +4 M.spd (600 / 150 = 4)).

Vigor quests (HP, physical defense, magical defense, block, evasion and critical resistance): the quests to improve this stats will be based on leave the companion resist “x” number of hits from monsters or resist “x” time while it is being hitted. This stats will increase by 1% per quest (up to a maximum of +30%).

Dextery quests (physical attack, physical critical attack, critical rate, accuary and block penetration): the quests to improve this stats will be based on leave the companion kill an special boss in less than “x” time. This stats will increase by 1% per quest (up to a maximum of +30%).

This last 2 kind of quests will make players invest on equipment to put it on the companions.

Mounted classes will get boosted by the block and critical resistance by the same % of the current boost from evasion (like 0,01%) and magic defense increased by the same amount of the current boost from physical defense (like 0,1%).

The players can do up to 3 “training companion quests” per day.

The quests from guild hangout will be hardier than city ones but it will count x2 times (reducing by half the time that you last on upgrade a companion to the maximum)

Sled companion will have its own stats that will increase by lvl up the companion like all companions, but it will cant be trained. It will give +10 movement speed while mounted instead plus a 3% (7,5% to non-mounted classes) to throw a present with every attack that deals 100% damage (based on magic damage or physical damage depending on your INT and STR). (this buff could be changed obviously. I put that percentages but it could be nerfed or boosted to balance it)

I hope you like the idea!! :satisfaction:

Cheers :haha:

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Hello Savior,

We truly appreciate your enthusiasm for the game by providing us your feedback suggestions. Rest assured that it will receive proper attention, as we develop future contents and updates.