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Rework Collection Buffs/Rewards

The collections from lower level open-world maps were the content of the past, and I understand that. However, in the increasingly end-game focused time that is now, I believe the collection buffs/rewards should be reworked.

Having to farm so long in a map just to obtain a 0.02% or even a 0.6% drop that adds up to +1 STR is a little laughable. Yes, in the past when 100 STR was the end-game, +1 STR would be seen as a lot. But right now where the minimum is having 1300 STR, the proportion is just out of whack.

I suggest a rework of the collection buffs/rewards and maybe changing the drop rates as well to suit the current times.

Especially since silver drops were removed from the field maps, it makes even less sense to be out there farming for drops.

I’ve completed almost all the collections (196/201) and even then I don’t even feel any difference in any of the buffs/rewards I’ve gotten.

Also considering the fact that the last 4 field collections are almost impossible (3 of the maps requiring 0.02% drop rate blue/red orbs and 1 of it requiring 2 0.02% skill gems from <Lv100 maps.

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Yup, that’s the last 4 I’m missing :wink:
Those are just there to troll you. There’s no way you can complete them, even if you spend your life trying to finish them. Just ignore them.

But yeah, as many things in this game, the rewards didn’t get upgraded and are completely outdated.

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At least they didn’t remove the system, so there’s at least some fun activity you can still do ingame, even if it’s not as rewarding as boring CM grind.

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