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Rework Ark - Suppress

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I want to propose to rework Ark - Suppress because it feels useless as Ark against enemies that are not able to block… I think it is excessively situational… And thats the reason of this post, about make it less situational.

I propose to make it have another effect (or the same, up to you) that is based on enemies’ block AND evasion to make it usefull against all enemies.

For example:

Ark - Suppress:
On level 3 grants a chance to apply 1 stack of “Overdue Interest” debuff per hit, which reduce the enemies’ evasion and block. When an oponent reachs 0 evasion or block by this effect, the debuff is removed and “Suppress” will be applied on it dealing damage on that target based on the number of “Overdue Interest” stacks removed.

Overdue Interest debuff duration: 20 seconds
Overdue Interest evasion and block reduction +1000 on level 3
Overdue Interest Max. Activate chance +15% on level 3
Suppress: Inflict unevadable and unblockable additional physical damage.
Suppress factor +2000% on level 3
Suppress number of hits equal to Overdue Interest stacks removed.

1 +STR, INT, Accuary, Block penetration 20 per level
3 +Overdue Interest Max. Activate chance 5% per level
5 +Suppress factor 400% per level

The visual effect from “Suppress” could be like the effect from the old rogue skill “Vendetta”

It’s just an idea (it doesnt need to be like that). What i want is to make sure that you understand that it’s really situational and because of that, it should be reworked, because all the other Arks are worthier to be crafted than the current Ark - Suppress.

I hope you like the idea!! :satisfaction:

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Im going to call you the rework man or mr blacksmith. Can you do a rework suggestion for vaivora cluster bomb. I think clusterbomb should be removed and the vaivora should be about running shot as cluster bomb seems useless. What do you think?

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This post is not about that topic. Talk about it on the other one that i did (Feedback about current vaivoras) and i will give you my opinion about it.

Anyway, thanks you. I will be waiting your comment there.