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Rework Ark - Disperse

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I want to propose to rework Ark - Disperse because i think that its current buff is not usefull at all… It should be an ark made for tank builds but at the end, the effect really dont reduce the damage. Its true that it reduce it for a time, giving you time to be healed by teammates or by your own HP recovery or potions. But it still doesnt reduce the damage!! its like a “twist of fate” but backwards.

I want to remember that this ark only gives CON as stat… i think that “its ok” but its because of that, that i really think that it really need a rework on the buff that it gives. Have in mind that the new ark for healers gives CON plus SPR and it has a really good buff… Meanwhile, the buff from Ark - Disperse is like only give CON, because what i said (at the end, the user will recive the same damage as if you dont have it), it could be better to create the Ark - Healing wave and swap to a DPS Ark after lose some HP, making Ark - Disperse really useless.

I want to propose to create ark - CON and rework the “Disperse” one:

Ark - CON (it could be obtined from the quest as the other ones):
+16 CON per lvl
HP recovery per 3 lvls
Physical and magical defense per 5 lvls

Ideas to rework the Ark - Disperse:

Ark - Revitalize:
Revitalize: Certain percentage of damage recived is recovered over a certain period of time.
Percentage of damage recived recovered at level 3: 25%
Time that it last to be recovered at level 3: 8s

+20 CON per level
Reduce the recovery duration by 1s per 3 levels (this will make faster the recovery making it recover higher values per second)
+5% damage recived recovery rate per 5 levels

Ark - Invigorate:
Reduce damage taken.
Invigorate: the damage reduced from all sources (or only by block) increase the user max. HP during 25s by the same amount up to a certain percentage of the user max. HP.
Damage taken reduced by 10% at level 3.
Increase max. HP up to a 10% of the user’ max. HP at level 3.

+20 CON per level
Increase the max. HP increase effect by 3% per 3 levels
Increase the damage reduction by 5% per 5 levels

Both arks gives a good bonus reducing the damage taken as its supposed to do. Anyway, the idea could be other, the intention of this post its make you see that Ark - Disperse needs a rework.

In my opinion, the Ark - Invigorate should be the best option, because the Ark - Revitalice could be better to reduce damage that would not kill you, but the Ark - Invigorate gives you better chances to survive to op attacks by directly reducing the damage plus the increase on max. HP, which will help to recover higher values of HP by HP recovery stat.

I hope you like the idea!! :satisfaction:

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I would argue that it’s already quite good and buffing it even a little would make it too strong. If anything though, there’s a lack of hard enough content to warrant its use in PVE–hard to justify the cost of swapping for the one thing it’s good for.


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Exactly!! i’m agree with all what you said.

Ty for your contribution!!