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Rework about party quests and skill gem system

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i think the current way to get class gems from some monsters should be deleted and i propose to replace it. Random class gems will drop from Elite monsters with the same % as hardiest ones from the current way (0,02%).

Moreover, i propose to create a “Class gem change” system on “Geraldasia” which consist on trade 20 class gems (from the same tree class) for one “box gem - selection” (from the same tree class as the gems).

Futhermore, i propose to rework “Ancient Golden Coins”. This item will be exchanged for a random class gem in “Geraldasia”, but it will never again be gotten from Hunting Grounds (maybe not), here is where “party quests” enter to the post :haha:

I think the “party quests” should be modified because normal gems can be easily obtained in other ways (treasures, Geraldasia gives 1 free every day, etc.).

There are 19 different party quests. I propose to add 2 new party quests (being a total of 21) and make it be like lvl 400 level dungeon, this quests will change every day making us do 3 (instead of 5) different quests every day (not the same 3 times)(3 per day per 7 days per week (3 x 7 = 21)).

Each party quest will give 3 cubes instead of 1, and it will cannot be rerolled.

Party quest cube rewards:
5-Star Gem Abrasive x1 (basic reward)
Enchant Scroll x1 (Average reward)
Awakening Stone x1 (Average reward)
Ancient Golden Coin x1 (Wierd reward)
Random toy from current rewards x1 (Really wierd reward)

Basic reward: like ripped 1000 attribute point ticket from unique raid roulette
Average reward: like raid fragments and practonium from unique raid roulette
Wierd reward: like jackpot raid fragments from unique raid roulette
Really wierd reward: like legend card from unique raid roulette

Maybe not the same % as unique raid cube reward examples, but this is the idea.

And please, make this quests count as repetable quests on adventure journal.

I hope you like the idea!! :satisfaction:

Cheers :haha: