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Revert hairstyle change?

Ok… I bought one of that event coupon hairstyles and, when I discovered that it couldn’t be dyed with normal dye, I regreted. There is any way I can revert to my former hairstyle?

No as far as can remember you have to buy a wig of old hairstyle :confused:

if there is I would like to know too…

So… how do we properly contact IMC so ask for that?

Send a thicket to support (can see the support tab on top right of page) or PM a staff member…

or @GM_Francis

Changing genders would revert your hairstyle to a basic one. I’m just not sure which of the basic hairstyles you’d get.

that’s interesting, can you revert gender back and forward ?_?

I’m assuming it’ll still be a basic hairstyle once you change back to your original gender. I’m sorry but I’m only going off based on what I’ve read in in-game tooltips.

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These are exciting hairstyles.