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Revamping Item awakening to have it's own stat pool and identity

Item awakening has become a complete horror after what you introduced with the episode 12 update.

The reason is that the item awakening pool is now a pool of what consists of mostly useless stats for the majority of players,

weapon item awakening

80% of the time, additional damage

armor item awakening

80% of the time, additional damage resistance

15% of the time, critical resistance

This doesn’t even take into account that you actually can min-max stats, and the range is huge, even with lvl 430 item awakening abrasives.

That’s why I suggest the following:

  1. throw out critical rate, critical resistance, evasion,additional damage and additional damage resistance from the item awakening pool

  2. make item awakening focus on the stats you neither get from random equipment nor from enchant:

New item awakening pool for armor:

  • HP
  • SP
  • HP recovery
  • SP recovery
  • physical defense
  • magic defense

New item awakening pool for weapons:

  • attack range (increasing the hitbox of your weapon, i.e. the stat already used on some pikes/spears)
  • healing
  • critical attack
  • critical magic attack
  • attack
  • magic attack

a pool of 6 stats each still provides a lot of variety, and thanks to the huge value range, there still need to be many tries to get a good value out of item awakening, but with this change, item awakening can actually have its own identity, while not trying to cover stats that are already covered by item enchant and ichor extraction.

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Hello Savior,

We appreciate your enthusiasm for the game. We will take this as feedback and forward it to the proper department for them to review and see what changes can be done in the future.

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