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Returning to this game

Hi all. It’s been ages since I last play this game (probably 2018). I’m interested to return to this game, but only playing casually because it doesn’t seem like this game is doing well atm.

What are some of the meta/popular builds for each of the 5 classes, PvE wise? Would you say the class build ranking on the official site is accurate?

Do we still have the class reset system to test out builds? How often do we get them?

You don’t need class resets anymore: you have now access to enough character slots and do “quickstart” with Moroth Embassy so you can get any character to level 450 in a few minutes. You can test your builds with Growth equipment and just delete/restart if you’re not happy with the result.

Oh cool! I didn’t know. What else is new, or any quality of life improvements to this game?

So basically leveling up characters is unnecessary anymore? The grind is mostly for equipments?

Mostly Leveling the Equipments with RNG after chara level cap maybe…

Not sure what it is like in 2018 so dunno which is new _(:3
To check the new stuff probably need to go to the official news announcement
and then search for the patch notes… (but that sounds too painful so let it go)

For the Build ranking we usually look at the Weekly Boss Raid ranking it seems
PVE Builds usually divided into Bossing / Mobbing / Buffing oriented
Aria Academy have a relatively recent build list but still not stick with the latest update,
join the Official Discord for more updated information maybe?

490 accessories patched in kTOS recently so probably some big changes approaching too XD"

Not even. For your first character, the game practically gives you everything. All you have to do is complete the main questline and open the boxes from episode rewards to get everything up to level 470. There is probably a bit of farming involved to get some mats for upgrades (blessed shards, magic stones, sierra powder…) but you always can buy what you need from the market.

You can check this thread to see the most used classes in itos/ktos/jtos

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