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Returning to the game after 2 years: Some questions

  1. I noticed both my characters (wizard and cleric) had their class reset…why? There was some kind of important class overhaul or something? The problem is that i don’t have the class cards that you would normally have when there is a reset…which would mean i am stuck.

  2. Any way to re-read the story? I don’t remember where i am supposed to level up…or about what was the story.

  3. What are some good ways to make in-game currency (silver?) now? I remember talts were valuable.

  1. They changed it to 3 sub-class selections instead of c1,2,3,4,5, etc. They SHOULD give you cards that auto level you to appropriate class level when you come back.

2.No idea. Not a lore person.

  1. Cms are good. Farming skill gems is what I did. But cms are better overall by far.

Also, go in to shout for me and tell threejane “RAREBREED says hello.” :slight_smile:

  1. changes in Re:build thats why. Circle 1 - 3 per class is not a thing anymore. All your items should be in Market -> retrieve tab

  2. if you dont know where youre supposed to level up, there is the quest button in bottom right. Should get you right back to where you left.

  3. Good ways would be to farm needed items and ofcourse sell endgame equips and anything that matters. Farming silver now seems faster compared to two years ago.

if you havent played for a long while. be sure to claim your everyday log-in rewards as a returnign savior. great help for a fresh new start.

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